HairXpression by Balmain

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Create your own "catwalk look" within seconds! Are you ready for the runway? Do you want to create a brand new hairstyle in just seconds? Thanks to the innovative designs department at Balmain, it is now possible to create unique looks at any time that you want to.
HairXpression is the name of the product that Balmain is offering. This is a great hair extensions system that allows you to create a new style whenever you feel the need.
Balmain offers hairXpression as a way for women to add volume, length, texture and color to their hair, without having to go to the salon to do it. The extensions allow women to try out new colors and looks without worrying about getting a bad style that they will have to wait to grow out.
Color and highlights clip in extensions
The collection is available in six colors that will easily match your natural color. The system uses a special clip that is easily hidden within the natural hair, so no one will ever know that the hair is not your own. HairXpression is made out of memory®hair, which is designed to look natural and take on any shape or style that is desired.
Memory®hair is a great invention by Balmain that does exactly what the name indicates, it has the ability to memorize a shape and keep the hair in that particular style. When you want to change the hairstyle, simply wash the hair with warm water and allow drying and then restyle however you want to.
clip-in bangs clip-in fringe clip-in highlights hair piece hair extensions
The soft blend edge is another unique feature of the hair. This technique allows you to place the strips of hair next to each other rather than on top making it lighter than other systems.
If you like to be in charge of the way you look, this is the product you have been waiting for. HairXpression can be used by women of all ages and the cost is very reasonable. It is much cheaper than going to the salon to change your hairstyle every week. There are four different models to choose from with several colors, highlights and lengths to choose from.
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