Balmain HairXpression

Long hairstyle created with hair extensions
At first glance, you might be asking yourself why this photo was included. But what if I revealed that the look you see features a subtle highlight HairXpressions attachment, as well as a little extra hair thanks to the DoubleHair line of extensions for added length? The look is romantic and disheveled and is a perfect way to showcase the counterpoint to the bold enhancements shown previously.
The added length is blended in with the layers of the natural hair and textured for a smooth transition from length to length and from natural to artificial hair pieces. The asymmetrical lines and angles of the cut and styling make a dramatic change from the shortness of the natural hair, while the soft, voluminous styling and texturizing make for a look that whispers "beauty" in a voice that just brushes the tips of your ears.
Image ©Balmain Hair