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Photos 7 & 8:
The hair was cut by combing the fringe area forward and cutting the hair to the desired length, after which the hair was lifted upward in slices, one section at a time, in order to match that length using 180-degree elevation. Each section was taken down and cut in thin slices by lifting the hair to 180-degrees of elevation and cutting it using the guide length.
  • Hair cut in thin slices
  • Long and shaggy haircut
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The photos show the hair after the cut in its long shaggy cut. This is a universal cut and has been around for decades and longer under various names. The cut is versatile in its styling, and could very easily be flattering for a wide variety of facial types, whether blown straight, or blown-out using a round brush for soft curves, and possibly turned-out ends.
After the cut, the hair was plied with product and water and once more rolled using the sponge rollers shown previously. It was once more rolled in a freestyle design as far as roller placement.
Photos 9, 10 & 11:
The difference in the results is, I think, extremely obvious. The volume created in the hair is evenly distributed because of the layering of the hair. The reduced length allows for stronger curl and more-evenly distributed curls. After the hair was dried, the rollers were removed and the curls were brushed out.
  • Hair with strong curls
  • Evenly distributed curls
  • Hairstyle with body and volume
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The hairstyle is one with lots of body and movement, and plenty of curl without being too curly. It’s actually one of my favorite looks and is very good for a wide range of women, because it can be styled with lots of versatility.
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