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When looking at hairstyles that fall to the areas above and around the ears, we generally see them used for individuals who have a need to control the volume of their hair - either as a result of hair texture and density, or wave pattern. These hairstyles are extremely varied as they must incorporate adaptations that may call for covering the ear or displaying the ear, according to client preference or esthetic need.
  • Sigourney Weaver hair length
  • Sigourney Weaver with ear length hair
  • Ashley Judd hairstyle
  • Ashley Judd with short chin length hair
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Often the styles will include a weight line below which is a tapered zone and/or textured perimeter. For example, Sigourney Weaver often wear her hair cut so that the majority of the bulk falls to ear length and tapers to shorter levels as the hair travels along the nape of the neck at the back of the skull. Like with the gamine style, the ear-length looks can include an elongated fringe which may or may not be disconnected from the rest of the look in order to camouflage prominent foreheads and balance asymmetrical features.
Many of the styles that are ear-length, that aren’t gamine-short feature geometric angles and planes and should be carefully considered by those who have weaker facial features. For instance, an individual who has a more recessed or smaller chin would want to avoid such a strongly upper-focused look since it would further cause the lower half of the face to recede and make the chin appear even weaker in prominence.
In addition, persons whose ears are either notably large or notably small should be careful about ear-length cuts that follow around the ear. Such elements tend to bring focus to these features that may not be flattering. Likewise, individuals who have disproportionally-sized skulls would want to be cautious with the various features of an ear-length haircut so as to avoid causing the imbalance to appear more dramatic.
Chin Length
As we get into chin length haircuts we start to find excess concern over the length of the face and its shape, particular in those whose faces are elongated or have features with strongly vertical orientation (long noses, narrowly-spaced eyes, slim facial angles, etc.). This concern is because the length falling to the chin level allows the hair to create a frame for the entire face and the specifics of the hairs texture, and especially wave pattern, will either create balance or enhancement in narrow faces.
It is perhaps when hairstyles can become more versatile with regard to styling as well, since the length “to the chin” allows enough variance to style the hair into smoother, straighter lines, soft curves, tight curls and all stages in between. Because of this it is suited to flattering a wider variety of facial elements – from angular to apple-cheeked. Actress Ashley Judd is sporting a chin-length style in her new drama series “Missing” (see photo) and the soft curls are perfect to play against the rounded, wholesome beauty of her features.
The chin-length cuts are also where we reach lengths that can as frequently be done as “blunt cuts” versus “layered” styles. In the shorter looks, the hair is almost always layered to some degree, while there are many women sporting chin-length bobs. In fact he only time a chin-length cut requires layering is when the hair’s wave pattern is such that you need to remove bulk to prevent unfortunate silhouettes such as the disconcerting pyramid effect.
Finally, because a chin-length cut can often be very severe, it is best to exercise caution when you are beyond a certain age, since the hairstyle can emphasize the lines that may naturally have developed due to age. Sharp lines in a hairstyle (including crisply defined curl) can often make the wrinkles of the face appear stronger and create an unflattering effect.
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