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Hairstyle Lengths (3)

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Shoulder Length
This is by far the more common length of haircut as it is completely versatile and what many women consider the most feminine without becoming troublesome to maintain. The specific length may range from below the chin to resting at the tops of the shoulders, and it should be treated as an approximation where the cut off should be considered as one inch below the level of the point of the chin.
Claire Danes with shoulder length hair It is widely varied according to needs of wave pattern and texture – with regard to layering versus blunt cuts so as to avoid the dreaded pyramid effect – and the styling as well can be presented as straight, wavy, or curly, as desired, regardless of the natural state of the hair. Note the photo of the lovely Claire Danes with her shoulder-length tresses.
Most manufacturers of hair products such as shampoo and conditioner base the usage amounts of their products on this particular length of hair. Even color and permanent wave formulations are packaged so that there is a sufficient amount to treat hair of shoulder length. This is the reason that many salons charge extra for services performed on those with hair that is longer than shoulder length: because the longer hair requires an additional package worth of product.
The concerns over the suitability of this length of hairstyle for a given individual relies heavily on the texture and wave pattern of the hair, so that the hair can be in proportion to the rest of the person’s build and specifically head. Finally, the suitability of the style also carries the factor of need for styling versatility as the length enables the hair to be simply drawn into a classic pony for ultra-casual looks, styled and groomed to fall freely, or can be swept up into an up-style for more formal, professional or otherwise dressy occasions.
Very Long Hair
Cystal Gayle's very long black hair Hair that falls below the shoulder is what most people classify as very long hair these days. Of course, hair lengths that fall below the shoulder encompass a wide range of lengths, and thanks to the advances in cosmetology such as hair extensions, many women can have hair of virtually any length that they can afford.
Yet, while some still consider very long hair to be ultimately feminine, it should be noted that it can be unflattering (or at least less-flattering) on the wrong person. It should be noted that the longer the hair is, the heavier it becomes, and the closer the hair will lie to the scalp because of that weight.
It is therefore difficult to do more than add wave or curl to the ends of very long hair, and such lengthy hair must be cared for diligently and gently in order to protect it from the cumulative damage of styling stresses. The longer the hair is, the truer this becomes. Take for instance American Country Music singer, Crystal Gayle (sister to Loretta Lynn).
Cystal Gayle with nearly floor length hair Apart from her hauntingly beautiful singing voice, Ms. Gayle was known for her nearly-floor-length raven hair. At 5-feet-1-inch (157cm) tall, her hair was often shown to be about 5 inches from the floor, making it at least 4-feet-8-inches (140cm) long. As the average person’s hair grows about one-half inch (1.25cm) per month the bottom few inches of Ms. Gayle’s hair are over 9 years old. That is a lot of time to accumulate damage to some natural fibers.
Provided your hair’s texture will support the stress of growing to very long lengths (and assuming that your hair’s growth cycle is sufficient to give you the time for the length to be achieved) long hair create a strong vertical focus that can make someone of average height and build appear taller and leaner. But before you try to grow your hair to the floor, be aware that common complaints among women whose hair is extremely long are neck pain, headaches, and the need to spend hours simply shampooing and keeping the hair free of tangles.
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