How To Create a Faux Bob (2)

How to create a faux bob
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Use your flat iron to straighten the hair by working with small sections, until you have straightened it all. Once the hair is straight and cool, brush the hair through until it is smooth and free of tangles.
Next, separate the upper section of the hair by gathering all the hair from before and above the ears and following an angled line to the crown of the head. Twist and secure the hair out of the way with a clip.
Gather the remaining hair and twist it into a tight bun shape at the nape of the neck, just below the occipital bone. Carefully and securely pin this small bun in place using bobby pins. NOTE: You want to make sure you pin this small section of hair securely as it will become the anchor point for the rest of the hair.
Let down the upper section of the hair and carefully brush it out to smooth it again. Gather the hair into a low ponytail and secure it with a ponytail elastic. Be sure to pull the elastic down along the hair length so that the hair has enough length above the gathering point to allow it to be bent under to secure the end of the ponytail to the preciously-created anchor point.
Finish the look by taking any pieces of hair (usually the front edges) that are still hanging free and tucking them under and pinning them into place. If these forward pieces are too short to be pinned underneath and blended into the rest of the hair, you can smooth them back at an angle and tuck them behind your ears.
Hair styled up into a fake bob
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As an additional bit of camouflage, you can use a headband to secure these front pieces and further enhance the impression of a bobbed hairstyle.
In addition, if your hair is layered and you find that there are ends other than at the front of the hair that are still loose once the faux bob has been created, you can use your flat iron to encourage them into a contour following the rest of the hair, creating a smooth finish. In some cases, you can simply take these remaining surface layers and use your curling iron to create ringlets all around the head as decoration and to create the illusion of a curly bob cut.
The finished fake bob style will vary based on your particular hair type and initial cut, but the overall effect should be very satisfying and can help you create a short hairstyle that is truly different from your usual long hair without cutting your hair.
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