Summer Make-Over for Lorana F.

Before makeover
Recently, I put out the call for individuals interested in making a change in their appearance and having a full-fledged “make-over”. Soon after, I was in touch with this charming young woman who was willing to do “something different”. We met one evening and discussed possible things we could do and what she might like for a new look.
Lorana has long dark blonde hair that is surly and very thick. She doesn’t like her curl and the resultant volume, and therefore has her hair straightened as often as she can manage with her busy schedule. She confessed that it had been a while since her last straightening service, and that she was interested in having her hair straightened, and losing some of the length in order to make her hair styling routine easier.
We also discussed color and decided that perhaps some lightening of her natural blonde tones and some highlighting would help to rid her of what she feels is a dull, mousy look. With her coloration and complexion, it is clear that we would need to avoid red tones. We settled on using some neutral lightening and perhaps add some golden toned-highlights at the appropriate time.
To finish the “make-over” we will also be looking at giving Lorana a set of sculptured nails (or perhaps tips) and will reshape her brows and do her make-up.
A Long Process…
When you plan to have multiple chemical services, you can’t simply go in and perform one on top of the other without giving the hair some time to relax and recover. Trying to do too much at once is a quick way to seriously damage your hair.
So, we decided to start with Lorana’s straightening and give her a cut in our first session. We would then follow up in subsequent sessions with the color/highlighting, and finally do the nail service and make-up. We plan to wait two weeks between the chemical services and to finish up the nail and make-up sessions as soon as Lorana has the available time.
I'll be updating the planned progress in stages as we work on Lorana's make-over. Look for Step One: Lorana's Straightening, and Step Two: Lorana's Cut and see how things progress in the quest to give Lorana a new look.