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Lorana's Haircut

Step Two of the Make-Over
Even though our straightening service didn’t get the results we’d hoped for, Lorana still needed a cut. She had decided she wanted to go “shorter” but knowing that we always run the risk of miscommunication, I asked her to define “shorter” for me.
It was important to know what she wanted and needed out of her hair’s behavior. It turns out that her main desire was that the hair be long enough to be pulled back if desired, and that she would like it to be able to be pushed back behind her shoulders.
Since we hadn’t gotten the results we’d wanted from the straightening service, I knew that there would be concern over volume once the hair was dry, but I also wanted to wait for the balance of the straightening, before trying to add any layers to the style, since I knew Lorana wouldn’t want too much volume in her hair.
haircut diagram Since we planned to perform what was essentially a longer blunt cut, I sectioned the hair in the same way I had done for the straightening. I lowered a one-inch strip at the nape and we chose a length for the guide cut. After agreeing to the length, the guide length was cut and the hair was slowly lowered and brought back to the same position for cutting.
By using the stationary guide in the back of the head, the hair to the front of the head is pulled back to the guide point for cutting, meaning that these lengths are left longer than the hair at the back of the head.
The hair continued to be lowered in thin trips and combed back to the guide point for cutting. Once all the hair was down and cut, I cross-checked the cut by carefully coming the lengths straight down around the head and cleaning up any corners or odd lengths.
haircut before haircut before haircut after haircut after
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Finishing Moves:
After cutting and cross-checking, I proceeded to take out my razor-tool and worked my way around the perimeter of the cut to soften the ends of the hair somewhat. The goal is to make a workable cut for the interim until we repeat the straightening and can get a truly straight and smooth finish to the style.
We finished the cut by blowing out the hair using a dryer on low heat and high airflow and a round brush. Once dry, I applied a light coating of silk-drops, anti-frizz and made several passes through the hair using a flat iron.
Now dry, we can also see that the straightening product (or specifically the neutralizer which contains Hydrogen Peroxide) has lightened Lorana's hair somewhat.
As mentioned before, we will be making a second attempt at straightening the hair using a stronger formula straightener. Be sure to check back for more on this Make-Over process.
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