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Valuable Bangs
It's not just the length of our hair that can suffer from overeager "scissor-happy" hairdressers. Bangs and layers can also fall victim to this kind of mistreatment. Bangs are particularly vulnerable, and when they are subjected to overcutting, it's particularly distressing for the customer. Many people, particularly women, have bangs for a variety of reasons.
For individuals with less than perfectly formed features or symmetrical faces, bangs, particularly longer bangs, can help frame the face, conceal undesirable features, and create the illusion of balance and evenness. Bangs can cover ungainly eyebrows or a spotty forehead. In short, bangs are a miraculous asset for achieving an enhanced perception of beauty. Therefore, people can be extremely sensitive when it comes to their bangs.
Many experienced hairdressers recognize people's apprehension and sensitivity regarding their bangs and therefore proceed with extreme caution when cutting them. Although there are occasions, namely exploited by inexperienced or naive hairdressers, when "scissor happiness" results in a disastrous haircut, leaving customers devastated.
This devastation was imposed on 16-year-old Monica, who has suffered from a squint in her left eye for as long as she can remember. Determined to do her best to cover up the squint, Monica has always had long bangs sloping down on the left side of her face.
Without Monica spelling it out, her experienced and sympathetic hairdresser has always known her intentions to conceal her left eye and has always cut her hair accordingly, leaving Monica very happy. However, when Monica's dad got a new job and they had to move to a new area, Monica begrudgingly had to leave her hairdresser and find a new one.
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Unfortunately, Monica's new hairdresser was not as receptive to her individual needs as her last one. Despite Monica's repeated requests to have her bangs cut no more than half a centimeter and styled to one side, the hairdresser cut closer to two centimeters off, so they would no longer fall naturally to the left side.
Monica, at the highly sensitive age of 16 and being extremely self-conscious about what she considered a problem that ruined her appearance, was left devastated. While this example may be a less common incident, it highlights the upset and worry that hairdressers who do not adhere precisely to the requests of their paying clients can cause.
Overly chopped layers can also cause grief and anguish to customers, and in some cases, layers that are cut too short can end up resembling a mullet from the 1980s, much to the dismay of the customer.
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Emotional and Upset
While both men and women can decide if they want to grow their hair, and are therefore both prone to falling victim to a "scissor-happy" hairdresser, it is often women who are left more emotional and upset by the unwanted antics of a hairdresser.
Long hair on a female represents sexuality, sensuality, and beauty, and often husbands and boyfriends strive for their ladies to grow their hair to fulfill this embodiment of female beauty. Realizing the view men hold of women and long hair, many females can become very upset and angry when a "scissor-happy" hairdresser destroys their aspirations to fulfill their "man's" fantasies.
The solution? A greater amount of training at hairdressing school involving avoiding "scissor-happiness" at all costs. Or perhaps a more sympathetic ear regarding the right to have what we want done to our hair, even if it means the odd split end will remain protruding. At least we will be on our way to owning the long hair we yearn for.
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