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Ponytails and Baseball Caps (2)

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      Not only that, there was someone out there who recognized your baseball cap club for what it is and now you can purchase; baseball caps with hair coming out of the back. If you have gotten that fresh haircut and find yourself missing that “tail,” order a cap with your same coloring or go with today’s trend and purchase a lighter or darker one than your hair and you will be just like the rest of the team. I think they even have party colors of pink, blue or lavender.
      Ponytails can look elegant too, but not under that baseball cap. Here’s a simple trick for you to try. Section your hair off into fours. One on top, each side from the top to the ear is clipped and you have the back left which is where you will begin. Brush your back up and place into a hair band made with heavy cloth, never rubber bands. Now, make a slight hole that is just above your band with your fingers. Make another opening just below your pony.
Take your pony hair and maneuver it into the hole that is below the pony and with your other hand bring the hair under the band and up and into the hole above the pony. Pull it up and out. Spread the hair where you want it with spray. As for the sides, section them off in three horizontal rows. Take one row at a time and twist or braid your hair while going back to meet your pony. Tuck the hair under the band or tie with a band or fasten with a pin. The top can be a bit more adventurous. Take your comb and section about one inch in the very front and clip. Take your rattail comb and exaggerate a large zigzag part. Then, take each part of the zag and twist or braid back to meet your pony and fix with a decorative hair clasp, a band or pin.
      Another option for the top is to part on the side a smooth straight part. Smooth the large section flatly over your head and tuck either into the band or fasten with a pin depending on how long it is. Do this until it is all finished. The top where you have clipped, dampen with spray and smooth across your forehead into the opposite direction and around your side, depending how long of hair you have. For variety you could add some clipped pieces of hair in different colors. There you have your most elegant pony.
      Come to think of it, there are a lot of people who wore ponytails. There are some of the British Parliament wearing their pony tailed wigs and I still believe Tarzan had long flowing hair and probably twined it up occasionally into a “tail.” The flower children of the sixties definitely wore tails. Look at those Samurai wrestlers, they all have tails. Many real pirates who sailed the 7 seas wore an earring in their left ear and a tail in the back. Old time movie star Earl Flynn did when he portrayed a man of the sea as did Captain Hook too. Our early settlers had ponytails as such famous people like President George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton who pulled their hair back into a pony from time to time.
      Ever since we can remember, hair has been pulled back and placed into some kind of a clasp, band, scarf, pin or comb to get the strands under control and free the wearer of the possibility of the hair moving into their eyes, so they can go about their work. Ponytails were actually more of an art and design in Egypt when their male children wore them. They would shave the whole head and leave about a two inch spot for the ponytail to grow. Talk about being unique!
      Today children are still wearing their hair up into ponytails just like they did hundreds of years ago. Back then, they clasped them with pieces of cloth and wooden made hair ornaments. Now they put scrunches with butterflies, bugs and flowers of all colors to go with their dresses. Thanks to Mom, their pony’s go into that wee hole in the back of their baseball cap. Some fads last for years and only Hollywood can break this chain of tails and caps that have invaded our world. The truth of the matter is; what would it be like if we didn’t see these ponytails swinging under those caps as they jog? I guess we’d miss them, because all of a sudden everyone would be tail-less. On that note, I think I'll go buy a baseball cap.
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