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The Long Hair Trap (2)

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But back again to your to-do list:
If you are reading this article there is no question if you are ready for a new look. You would not be on this site otherwise.
Now you have to decide which mode of operation suits your character best. Grabbing the monster by its horns and wrestling it down without a question or taking it slow and gradually.
The gradual approach means to avoid anything radical and to cut the hair in steps, getting used to a medium look, then going shorter and shorter until you found what you are really happy with. The problem with this is that it leaves a lot of time for you to change your mind and to fall back into the trap of fear and of comfort. If you only cut a few inches off your hair, it will grow back fairly quick and snap, you are caught again.
If your hair is for example a mid back length and you cut 3 inches now and plan to cut another little bit in six weeks, the hair will grow back a little in between and even if you cut another 3 inches it is not really a change. It is a "getting ready to be ready" and you will miss out on that exhilarating feeling of having done something radical and wild!
Hairdresser cutting a girl's ponytail To avoid a major shock to your system, prepare yourself a little for your shorter hair. If you normally wear your hair open, then tie it in a ponytail more often to experience the sensation of feeling air around your neck and on your shoulders. You will also see your face more exposed and you may like what you see. Experiment with up-styles and if you have access to it, also try to wear a shorter haired wig. Keep these looks and the experience playful but do it as often as you can.
The Point of No Return
Once you are in the salon chair, there is no more running away. To get you there a good idea is to only "semi" plan your visit, meaning to not make an appointment days in advance. That just might wake up this mysterious inner chicken that always comes to live when there is a doctor's appointment, a plan to sign up at the new gym or to attend your class reunion. You spend too much time thinking about it and the cancellation is imminent.
Instead, install it in your consciousness that you WILL cut your hair short and one morning you will wake up and know it is the day. Sounds too new age? Well, then just wake up one morning, know that you do not have any other major things going on, the weather is good and you are ready for an adventure. Visit a salon that makes it easy for walk-ins and do it!
If, as it had happened to me, the stylist tries to talk you out of a radical change because he or she is afraid you will have a nervous breakdown after or during the cutting, make it clear to them that you have gone through the thought process and that you will not sue them. Instead they should encourage you for your wise decision and help you find a shorter haircut that is tailored to your needs, personality and hair type. Give them some creative room to play and they will appreciate your trust.
After your make-over go to your favorite boutique and get that new dress that you always wanted but never dared to wear. Now is the time. Finish the day with a bottle of champagne, chocolate dipped cherries and good company! Congratulations ...
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