How To Grow Out Your Bangs (2)

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A lot of women are hesitant to use a hair band when they don't have experience with it. This is only because they aren’t used to the look of the band on their hair and tend to feel insecure with the way they wear it. Fear not, inspiring hair-Amazonians, for this irritating insecurity will dwindle and vanish once you start to practice different looks with the hair band. After a short while, you’ll OWN that look!
Healthy Hair Growth
Taking supplements to speed up the process of growing out those bangs is always a good idea. Supplements that include biotin, vitamin C, vitamin B, iron, zinc, and other hair-growth enhancing additives can go a long way to minimize your frustration while growing out those tresses. Also be sure to follow a healthy diet, consisting of all the major food groups.
Remember that your physical and emotional health always show up very clearly in the condition of your hair. People who are ill, taking strong medication, abuse drugs or alcohol, struggle with immense school, work, or personal stress, or are malnourished continually struggle with their hair. If you take good care of your body and what you fuel it with, your glorious locks will have the right building blocks to grow at their optimum rate while shining and swishing healthily in the sunlight.
Celebrity Inspiration
When the going gets tough and you need some inspiration, take a look at the way that hair-goddesses manage their bangs. Celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Sienna Miller, Brigitte Bardot , and Alexa Chung have mastered the art of taming those bangs! Have a look at your favorite celebrities and feast your eyes upon their ingenious ideas to glamorize drab bangs and faulty fringes.
A lot can be learned from the red-carpet hairstyles and Oscar-award updos. Copy their styles and ideas and add a bit of your own flair and accessories until you find something that is a signature of your personality and style. You’ll be amazed at how inspirational you can make your own attempt at growing out those bangs.
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To finish up, I would like to remind you to never stop having fun! So you messed up your bangs by going too short? Or you thought you’d love your new bangs but hated it since the first strands of hair fell on the floor? So what! You are a reigning hair queen! You are a fashionista, a glamorously unique creature of fashion and couture who can pull anything off at the drop of a hat.
Nothing fazes you, and no one can daunt or intimidate you because your fashionista light from within shines so intrinsically that it blinds the haters and confuses the skeptics. You will have fun and laughs while growing out those bangs because that is what you are all about.
You'll try anything twice as long as it doesn't kill you, and I've never heard of anyone dying from messed up bangs. So enjoy the ride, and be sure to call up your hairdresser when you need to hear the voice of reason when you feel like you've hit rock bottom.
In any one moment of your journey to grow out those bangs, remember that there are literally millions of other girls and women all around the world who are in the same situation as you are. So don't feel discouraged or give in to temptation to just cut your bangs again when the going gets tough, because you are, quite frankly, never alone in your struggle.