Alexa Chung Hairstyles

Alexa Chung is a British model and television presenter, born November 5, 1983.
Alexa Chung Alexa Chung wearing an above the shoulders bob Alexa Chung - Long hair with an unkempt feel Alexa Chung wearing a turtleneck
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Alexa has a playful and effortless approach to her hair. She knows she looks good and has the confidence to not be perfectly coiffed every time she leaves the house. It works very well for her.
She is often seen with a chin-length to shoulder-length bob haircut and long bangs that she either wears with a simple center part or slightly off to the side.
Especially when her hair is longer, she can get creative with it and add some braids to create peasant-style updos, use a fun barrette or hairpin to pull one side towards the back, or just leave it open in a styled-unstyled look. After glamorous events, she has also graced the tabloid pages with extravagant and super polished hairstyles.
Like her entire style, her hair color is also natural, with hues ranging from dark to medium brown.
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