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Talents and Skills to Become a Good Hairdresser (2)

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Be a psychologist. Know what to do with the information that you heard. Put two and two together. Listen between the lines and understand the motivation of your customers. You have to be able to build a rapport with your customers and get to know them. Understand what they mean when they talk about the “transformation” of their hair, which often means a transformation of themselves.
Especially women tend to visit hair salons with radical wishes like cutting long hair very short or applying an extreme color, when they actually want to change their life. Also, many people love to come to a salon just to get some personal attention and to talk to someone, be it about celebrity gossip or about more personal issues. This gives being a hairdresser a whole other dimension that is not mentioned in schools and during training, same as a bartender does not only pour drinks. A good one listens and anticipates.
Remember, you don’t just cut and color hair. You give customers a new appearance, a new feeling about themselves, a new confidence and attitude. This all comes with great responsibility and it is extremely important to understand your customer and to have the social and communication skills to avoid any misunderstandings.
Hairdressers in a hair salon Be strong. How do you deal with problems or stress? To be a hairdresser and especially a good one means to be exposed to many types of pressure. No matter how good you are, there will be unhappy customers and perhaps one or the other technical mistake. Learn to be a positive problem solver and find good solutions. You want people to come back to you and they will if they feel that you take them seriously and care about how they feel.
Be fit. Your dream profession is physically demanding. You will be on your feet and moving around all day and therefore need to be in good shape. You would not be a happy hairdresser with aching joints and swollen feet. So keep exercising regularly, eat healthy and make sure to wear good shoes.
Be a perfectionist. Once the hair is cut it is gone and it will take a while to come back. Hone your skills and strive for perfection and never settle for “good enough”. Know your products inside and out. Never stop learning and never rest on your laurels.
Be glamorous. One way to gain the trust of your customers is to look rather spectacular yourself. No one will feel confident in the chair and under the scissors of a drab stylist who did not even manage to control his or her own hair that morning.
All of the above points will make customers find you special enough to come back to you. And that is not only a base for your business, but also a great motivation that will help you get better and better at what you do, while you enjoy every minute of it.
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