Freelance Hair Jobs

Hairdresser on a cruise ship
Hairdresser on a cruise ship - Photo: Shutterstock
There are not many trades that make it so easy to work freelance as a career in hair. Salons are perhaps the first thing that comes to mind but there are many other options and the limit is only your own imagination.
If you feel the call to work without a boss, without a set schedule and all on your own calling, you should be prepared as much as possible in order to be successful and to enjoy it.
Most of all you have to be very good at what you are doing, so get the best training you can and keep educating yourself constantly. Take workshops regularly to stay on top of the trends and techniques. Equally important is to learn how to market yourself and keep an open mind, a creative soul and a good instinct for business, then nothing should come in your way.
Some of the popular freelance hair jobs are:
On Cruise Ships
Work while you see the world! A dream job for all those who have no ties at home, a desire to see and learn about other countries and most of all for those who love the mighty sea. This is perhaps one of the most coveted positions and comes with a lot of perks.
All larger ocean liners have hair salons and spas and there are many people on board who want to look their best for a special dinner or just get spoiled for a couple of hours. The customers will come to you, and the work is mostly on appointment. Pay is decent, tips usually good and you will be able to save much since there is not much opportunity on the ocean to spend your money.
The downside of cruise line hair jobs is that you will be out on sea for months at a time. Depending on the cruise ship and its destinations, this can be anything between 3 and 9 months with about 2 months on land.
Relationships and friendships become challenging with that much absence. A cruise ship hair job is truly exciting for a few years but not a lifetime career.
In Hotels and Resorts
The clientele is similar to the one on a cruise ship, but you will not change your locations as often and can have more of a private life. Resort jobs, of course, have a gorgeous setting, and you will feel like your work live and vacation are turning into one.
But do not fool yourself with dreams of leisure and toes in the sand, but expect much hard work. Nothing is free, especially not under palm trees. Other hotels may include a more urban setting with customers attending conventions or trade shows.
Each location has its own flair and specifics and there are so many to choose from. Transfers to other types of hotel and even to other countries are especially easy when you hook up with an international hotel chain. You can inquire at their main offices about the opportunities for magnificently talented hairdressers like you and pretty soon will be able to pack your suitcase and take on the world!
With Photographers
Photographers always look for hairdressers and stylists to work with, especially when they offer glamor shots or do fashion and advertising photography. Introduce yourself with your portfolio and a professional business card and stay in touch.
This type of work stays interesting since you have a different scenario each time and can expect to do some fancy and outrageous looks that will demand your full creativity. The only downside is that you never know when your phone will ring and there are often days and weeks with just a little work and on other times you will get swamped with requests.
Depending on the kind of work the photographer does and your skills of self-marketing, this could also be your ticket to do some really high end work for fashion magazines and big television commercials, which would, of course, look spectacular on your resume!