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This type of work stays interesting since you'll have a different scenario each time and can expect to do some fancy and outrageous looks that will demand your full creativity. The only downside is that you never know when your phone will ring and there are often days and weeks with just a little work and on other times you will get swamped with requests.
Depending on the kind of work the photographer does and your skills of self-marketing, this could also be your ticket to do some really high end work for fashion magazines and big television commercials, which would, of course, look spectacular on your resume!
For Weddings
Can you handle a jittery bride on the verge of a nervous breakdown who might harm you badly if her hair is not the most beautiful on her special day? Do you have a calming aura and can work under high pressure? Get in touch with the wedding planners in your area and convince them of your qualifications.
Make sure to know all about elaborate, glamorous looks and of course the latest trends. A portfolio is essential to get new jobs. Usually you will also be asked to style the bridesmaids and the mothers of bride and groom. Great pay, lively environment and a lot of emotional moments come with this line of work.
For Runways or Movies
Freelance hair stylist Session styling does not fall into anyone's lap and it takes special skill and artistry to get hairstyles ready for the camera and the red carpet. A good way to get into this is to start locally and hone your skills, prepare a breathtaking portfolio and then start creating your network and knock on some doors. You'll never know which one may open. You may have to move to a bigger city.
Take a training class that will give you the background and specific knowledge for this type of work. Most of those courses and workshops will also provide you with high end photos of your creations that you can use in your portfolio. You will move in the dazzling world of models, designers and even celebrities, but have to be able to work well under a lot of pressure and with stressed out people.
In your own Mobile Hairstudio
Work at your own time and in different places each day! With all your equipment packed neatly in easy to transport cases and a good vehicle, you are able to visit your clients at home. This is a service that is often asked for by the elderly or by very busy people who don't have time to go to the salon.
You have to do your own advertising and most likely it will be word of mouth and online ads that will bring you the most clients. If you are good they will call you again. You are only responsible for yourself and have very low overhead costs. If your business and management skills are good, then this type of hair job will give you a lot of freedom and the potential for much growth.
To find out more about the different opportunities, do some research online, talk to other hair artists and join online hairdressing groups in your area. Many gigs are posted on websites like craigslist, twitter or Facebook and two of the biggest keys to starting your freelance success are a convincing, professional portfolio that highlights all of your skills and a good network of people. Stay connected, improve yourself and have a lot of fun with it.
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