Mobile Hairdressing

Mobile hairdresser
Do you have kids and find it hard getting to a salon? Do you work full time and salons are either fully booked at evenings, closed or you are too tired to get your hair done at night? Have you ever just fancied having your hair done in the comfort of your own home? Well, having a mobile hairdresser may be the answer.
I am a mobile stylist and I would recommend to anyone who has a busy lifestyle to get themselves a mobile hairdresser. It is so much easier than trekking the kids around to a salon, having them moaning at you to hurry up because they are bored, or having to find a babysitter, just so you can nip down the street to get a quick trim, or even find someone to look after them if you are having your hair coloured for at least two hours.
It is a lot easier than running to the salon after your busy day at work to make your appointment in time, or trying to fit in a quick trim in between clients, or on your lunch break. Also, salon prices are a lot more expensive than mobile stylists as they don't have all the overhead to pay, they just have their car, stock, wages and other outgoings to worry about, so by getting your hair done at home, you will also save a lot of money.
There are only a few disadvantages of having your hair done at home. Some people like the experience of going to a salon, getting a break from work or the kids, sitting relaxing, reading a magazine. Some people like spending a lot of money on their hair. It makes them feel special to say they have spent £150 getting their hair done. But, I can personally say that mobile hairdressing works better for a lot of people.
Mobile hairdressing makes life easier for us all. Not just for the clients, but for the stylists. No more being told what to do by a boss, no more standing around for hours on end, no more pressure to sell products, no more doing things you hate. Also, the main things are a lot more holidays, a lot more money and a lot more freedom.
You get to pick what clients you do and what day you do them, you get to choose what products you use, you get to choose what services you can offer and most of all, you get to charge what you like and the money is yours. The worst thing about working in a salon is the rubbish wage. Can you imagine the measly £200 per week wage from a salon being made a day instead by working for yourself? Much better!
The freedom you have being a mobile hairdresser is unbelievable. You don't feel tied down to anything, you work your own hours and your make your own money. If you need time off to go to the dentist, doctors etc, it is not a problem, you can just phone up a client and explain why you'll be late or why you have to reschedule. In my experience, most clients are fine with that, as long as you don't make a habit of it.
Another good thing about it, is that you get to have a little break in between clients while driving to the next client's house, you get a nice cup of tea in most peoples houses and while their colour is developing, you have half an hour or so to sit with your cup of tea and have a blether and catch up with the gossip.
You get to become really friendly with some of your clients. I think it is because mobile hairdressing is a lot more personal than just someone coming into a salon to get their hair done. I have got really friendly with a lot of my clients and even invited them to my engagement party and they invite me to their special occasions such as weddings, birthdays etc.
It is really nice when you get close to your clients, it makes working feel like just visiting your friends. Some times at the weekends or at the end of the day, my clients will offer me a glass of wine. Some clients offer to make my lunch or dinner and some have it ready for me arriving, which is really nice.
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