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Tips for Better Bangs (2)

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•  Always make certain that your bangs “hang”. Cutting bangs so short that the hair sticks out away from the forehead defeats the purpose that having bangs serves. Be especially careful if you have very coarse or curly hair, as coarse hair tends to require more weight to hold it down, and curly hair will tend to draw tighter when it is cut. Remember, when in doubt, leave the bangs longer than you intend, you can always trim more length, but reclaiming the length takes time.
•  Be careful of over-styling the bangs area of your hair. Because it is a section of the hair more exposed than most of your hair to sun, sweat, wind, etc. and is often fretted with and restyled most often throughout the day, the bangs can be badly damaged if you don’t take measures to protect it.
•  Feel free to leave your bangs a utilitarian length. There are many ways in which to style and wear your bangs, and you may want to be able to create a variety of looks by using accessories and or products to shape the bangs in countless ways. Be creative and have fun.
•  Don’t assume that you can simply take your scissors and cut bangs into your hair and have the results be what you want. You need to plan carefully and make sure you understand how the bangs will lie on the face. The last thing you want is to cut several inches off the front of your hair, only to find that having the bangs in your face (in some cases constantly) is too much of an irritation.
•  Don’t over texturize your bangs. Remember that when you add layers of texture into the bangs you are in effect shortening some of the hairs there. As mentioned above, some hair types need a specific amount of length to weigh them down and allow them to “hang”. You don’t want to ruin the look of your hairstyle because you were overzealous in adding texture.
•  Don’t decide to get bangs added to your hairstyle just because you like the way they look on someone else. Check with a professional, or at least a friend or family member you can trust to be objective with you about whether or not having bangs would suit you or use hairstyle imaging software.
      Bangs can be a great way to add some new life to an established style. Bangs can make you look more vibrant and can give you a great deal of satisfaction if the style is carefully chosen and flattering to you. Bangs can also be a great way to add versatility to a style when the style of bangs selected is one that lends itself to a multitude of styling techniques.
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