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Bangs and Looking Older

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Q: Do bangs make you look older?
A: In and of themselves? No. But like any style element in haircutting, the element must be appropriate to the needs of the face in question. Bangs that are cut with a strong, blunt cutting line can reinforce similar lines in the face. So, if an individual has lines and wrinkles, using bold cutting lines can make the effect greater.
Generally, for older clients who favor a bangs-inclusive style, I recommend texturing the bangs so that they are soft, and wispy. Bangs that create a "veil" on the upper part of the face give softness to the overall look, which can make the individual appear younger.
Just remember that the use of bangs in a style should be a matter of balance and proportion. Bangs are generally indicated in styles for individuals with high or prominent foreheads, and asymmetrical bangs are good for those with prominent features like noses or mouths.
The exception to this is when dealing with certain styles that are generally seen normally on much younger people. While a chin-length bob with a blunt, horizontal fringe may be adorable on a young girl, the same look can make an older woman look even older still.
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