How to Style Beach Waves for a Long Bob

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Ask your model to remove her earrings if she is wearing any, and to fold the top of her ear downwards, and to press it flat with the tips of her fingers while you’re creating curls in this area. The bulk of flat iron or curling tong induced injuries are a direct consequence of mishandling the heat-technique apparatus in this area.
Start at the back of the model’s head, and complete the row of curls in this section. Then advance towards one of the sides of the model’s head. Repeat the process on the opposite side of the head, and spray the whole row of curls with hairspray.
7. It is aesthetically more pleasing when you style the curls around the facial area in the direction that faces away from the face. Note that the curls are balanced and symmetrical from the front view. The curls flow from the hairline towards the back of the head, creating that ethereal beauty effect. Have a look at the curls of Candice Swanepoel and Rosie Whitely Huntington and you’ll understand this concept better.
8. When you have reached the top section of the head, start curling all the curls to the back again, all in the same direction to enhance the uniformity of the curls. Note that we are still following the square-form shape while drawing out the sections. Remember to continuously spray the curls with your medium to strong hold hairspray to enhance the structural strength of the curls. Take care not to disturb the already created curls.
  • Create curls with a flat iron or curling tong
  • Make the curls flow towards the back
  • Curl all curls towards the back
  • Top curls curled towards the back

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9. Note the top curls curled towards the back of the head, all in the same direction and same method; improving the aesthetical value, uniformity element and making it easier for the stylist to cover any areas where the hair is sparse or where there is a growth pattern that causes the hair to fall open on the crown area. Spray the over-all style with hairspray to improve the structure of the style.
10. Gently use the tips of your fingers to comb the curls towards the back of the model’s head. It is important to make sure that you don’t over-comb the curls. When you’re doing hairstyles, especially styles that utilize curls, always make sure that you rather create too much volume instead of too little.
You can always smooth down the hair if the volume is excessive, but it is very hard to create more volume when the actual heat-styling stage of the style is already completed.
  • Comb the curls with your fingers
  • Press curls into shape
  • Mess up curls for a natural look
  • Hair with beach curls

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11. Gently comb your fingers through the curls, forming and pressing the curls into the shape that you want it. Remember we’re going for the beach curls here, so you’re going to want to get rid of the bulk of the “perfectly” created curls. Have a look at how the Olsen twins like to wear their hair when it is curled in large relaxed curls and you’ll get a better idea of what we’re aiming at here.
12. Note that there’s an element of balance and uniformity among the curls at the back, even though you have combed through it with your hands. The idea is to mess up the curls a bit so that it seems more natural.
13. Note that the root to mid-length area is barely waved, while the curled area is really from mid-length to tips. This is because you have combed out most of the curled structure along the root to mid-length area, combined with the weight of the hair pulling down the curl to relax into the larger beach curl structure.
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