How to do Cornrows on a Short Angled Bob (2)

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7. Complete the third braid in a row as you have done the previous two, and again secure it with a bobby pin to ensure that it stays in place. Again spray the braids with some medium or strong hold aerosol hairspray to keep it in place, and add some shine to the hair.
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8. Tease or back-comb the hair on top of the head, in the occipital bone region gently with your back-combing comb. Once you have sufficient volume, proceed in gently combing the surface of the hair smooth over the teased area.
The goal is to get the surface as smooth and seamless as possible, without ruining the extra-volume effect in this region. Once you’re satisfied, you may spray this area with a medium hold aerosol spray to hold the hair in place and strengthen the structure of the added volume.
9. Gently and very carefully comb the hair over the tips of the braids, in order to conceal the bobby pins to the point where it cannot be seen. Take special care not to disturb the braids or to comb out the bobby pins, which will ruin the cornrow effect and ultimately the style.
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10. When you have combed the hair into place and have smoothed the surface where the hair has been back-comber, use a medium-hold aerosol hairspray, and spray the hair into place. You can use the long end of your tease-comb to comb any stray- or fly away hair into place and secure it with a spray of hairspray.
11. Complete the hairstyle with a few sprays of silicone based hairspray to add shine and movement to the hair, while simultaneously blocking out any humidity or any other unwanted elements that might be present in the air.
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