How to Style Beach Curls for an Angled Bob (3)

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12. Note the curls are styled away from her face, incorporating those ethereally beautiful waves along the hairline; softening the face and facial features.
  • Bob with beach curls
  • Short hair with beach curls
  • Curls that soften the face
  • Hair for the beach

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13. The curls have been combed by the stylist’s hands to relax it, creating bigger, more natural curls that are perfect to flaunt on the beach or at a beach party. The curls are not over-combed, and are sufficiently secured with hairspray, thus it will last for the whole day/night.
The curls have been sprayed with a silicone based hairspray to keep out the humidity present in the air, especially on the beach. It also improves the shine- and glamour factor of the style.
Back view of a bob with beach curls 14. Note that the back of the style is too short to curl, yet the curls that fall over the fringes of the back-section makes it look as if it has been intentionally incorporated into the style.
This hairstyle is extremely versatile, and can be worn to the prom, to the beach, to graduation or a laid-back party.
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