How to Style Beach Curls for an Angled Bob (2)

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6. Repeat the steps above all the way to the top. Take care to disturb the curls that you have already created as little as possible. It is very important that you keep on spraying the curls through the entire process, as this is paramount for the structure and stability of the curls, as well as to ensure that the curls hold for the entire time that the model wants to wear the style.
As the inverted bob isn’t a very long hairstyle, it is relatively easy to ensure that the curls stay in for the duration needed. Very long hair needs to be sprayed with incredibly strong and durable hairspray to try and keep the curls looking good for as long as possible, as the weight of the hair pulls the curl down.
7. Note that the model has a side-fringe, with the wave-like convex shaped bangs in the front framing her face. This improves the aesthetical value of the style as well as complementing the balance of the curls. The waves along the face softens the model’s features and seems more natural, a wanted element in the case of beach waves.
To achieve these more relaxed waves along the hairline, simply comb out the curls slightly in this area. You can use your fingertips to comb the curl out, while spraying the waves with aerosol hairspray to preserve the wave. Take care not to over-comb the curl, in effect losing too much structure of the curl and leaving yourself with too little volume to work with.
  • Inverted bob with curls
  • Angled bob with beach waves
  • Side profile of an angled bob
  • Hair clipped for easier curling

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8. Move on to the opposite side of the model’s head. Again ask her to protect her ear with her finger-tips.
9. Draw the two inch section above the ear, and start curling. This side will go quicker as there is less hair to curl because of the side-part. Remember to continually use your hairspray to preserve the curls as you progress with the style.
10. Note that the curls on top of the head towards the occipital bone area are much more relaxed. This is because there isn’t a lot of length to work with, as the hair in the crown area of an inverted bob is usually quite a bit shorter than the hair to the front.
This is fine, you’ll see that it works very well when the style is finished, as the curls of a beach curl style is generally more relaxed and almost wavy. Just make sure that you use enough hairspray to ensure that the curls don’t relax to the extent that there’s no curl left in the structure of the hair anymore.
  • Bob with beach curls
  • Short hair with beach curls
  • Curls that soften the face
  • Hair for the beach

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11. Because the hair is quite short, it will take a while for the curls to relax. If the curls are too tight or formal for you, you can comb through them with your hands until it relaxes to the extent that you want it. When you have it relaxed according to your preferences, spray it in place with your spray.
Remember that handling the curls with your hands will effectively weaken the structure of the curl, meaning that it will relax much quicker. Thus don’t unnecessarily touch your hair during the event.
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