Sexy Long Hair (2)

Back view of attractive long hair
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Trimming long hair regularly, every 6 to 8 weeks, will help to maintain its length and keep the hair smooth and attractive. Because trimming the hair frequently will reduce the chances of split ends appearing halfway up the hair, it will not have to be cut short to remove the split ends.
Special care needs to be taken when long hair is exposed to the sun or a lot of swimming. Use a hat or a sunscreen hair cream to help protect it from UV rays which could potentially dry it out and damage it. Similarly, wear a plastic swimming cap to protect long hair from the chlorine in the swimming pools or the salt in the ocean.
There are literally millions of men who adore a woman with a short and sexy hair cut, believing their short haircut signifies confidence and self-assurance in and out of the bedroom. Men, however, are creatures of habit, and for centuries, long hair has been considered the embodiment of female beauty and sexuality.
Trying to shatter this age-old belief, which has been ingrained into culture for many generations, is an almost unattainable mission. Although it is not so unattainable if a woman's long locks are fundamentally frizzy and speckled with split ends.
Sleek long hair styled in a ponytail
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Hair and what style is considered sexy, is both a cultural fad and an individual preference, which can be greatly influenced by nature and fashion, and therefore generalizing what type of hair is more "sexy" is an unfair conjecture. For example, while in America, women with long hair are glorified, in countries such as France, short hair is often considered sexy and feminine.
There is, however, a phenomenon known as "Rapunzel culture," whereby long hair and the health, vitality, fertility, and beauty it can promote are idolized by both men and women alike. Although in contemporary society, with all the pollution, hectic lifestyles, and an overabundance of styling appliances and products, long hair is rarely representative of health and vitality, and instead, long hair has succumbed to short hair in the battle for vitality.
Yes, long hair can be sexy, extremely sexy, but to reach that level of sexiness, it requires an awful lot of tender loving care.