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Or are we reading too much into it, and a widespread tendency for short hair, quickly followed by an extensive penchant to grow hair back long, is symbolic of the more general flow of fashion?
Geri Halliwell is one celebrity not afraid to experiment with the scissors, although Halliwell has admitted she feels sexier when her hair is long. Whilst Jerry Hall, afraid to lose her sexual appeal by cutting off her trademark assets, which helped spiral her to worldwide fame, has never had a short hair cut. But what do modern men really think?
Long or Short? It’s just a matter of Personal Taste
A male celebrity hair stylist recently referred to men who don’t find women with short hair sexually attractive as ‘unimaginative beasts’. Westernized men particularly, with their built-in obsession with long and luscious locks, falling coyly across the breasts, denoting youth, femininity and passivism, arguably fall into the category of “unimaginative”, when it comes to female sexuality and the length of woman’s hair.
Although whilst this may be true for many men, to suggest that all men are only turned on by women with long hair, is a stereotype in itself. Many men adore short crops, seeing them as cute and sexy and in daring to ditch the long locks, being an admirable quality in a woman. Whilst a silky, long mane was considered the ultimate sign of a vivacious and sexually activity, women who have short, sexy hair styles, flirtatiously mocking a man’s ingrained sexual associations, are seen by many, as a woman in her prime.
Does Short Hair Curb Sexual Appetite?
The very nature of stereotypes means that it is all but impossible to loose the stigma surrounding the subject of the stereotype, and hair styles are no exception. Short hair and lesbianism is closely interrelated as many gay women do choose to wear their hair short as a symbol of ‘masculinity’. To suggest however, that women who have short hair are devoid of sexuality and cut off their hair to ‘curb sexual appetite’, is fundamentally incorrect.
Whilst this may be true for a relative minority of women, who may have come out of a bad relationship and have cut off their hair to make a statement that they are ‘taking a break’ from men and sex, most women who have short hair, have just an active sex life as women with long hair – regardless of their sexuality. It may be acceptable to consider that a woman with short hair might be gay, but to suggest that she is devoid of sexual activity is essentially unacceptable, as gay women can have an equally fulfilling sex life as straight women.
Women can send out many positive signals with their hair, whether it is long or short. Because of the ideologies associated with sex and sexuality that have been so deeply ingrained into our culture for hundreds of years, many men probably do find long hair more sexually rousing than short. But the tides are turning, and as women are now ‘en par’ with men in all walks of life, a successful woman donning a stylish hair cut, is a sign of intelligence, power and confidence - in and out of the bedroom.
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