Face Shapes and Hairstyles for Men (2)

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2. Square face shape
Square face shape
The forehead, cheekbones, and face length are all pretty much the same measurements, while the jawline runs down at a sharper angle. The square face shape is probably considered the ultimate masculine shape among the group, thanks to its decidedly chiseled and defined characteristics and angles.
Although you're already ahead of the game by definition, you can enhance your face shape even more with these cool cuts:
Crew or buzz cut:
Buzz cut for men with a square face
Very short and slightly longer on top, this hairstyle works well for square-shaped faces as it adds a bit of length to your height while maintaining a solid overall square shape. The crew cut actually focuses on the chiseled square characteristics, making you look even more masculine than before, which is why it's an all-time military favorite.
Undercut for men with a square face
The undercut also works great with a square-shaped face, as it makes you look taller due to the extra length on top. This style requires slightly more maintenance than the aforementioned buzz cut, but it also tends to look less rigid and more groomed and styled. Undercuts tend to elongate the face, eliminating the chance of a square face looking too stout or squat.
Faux hawk:
Faux hawk hairstyle for men with a square face
This haircut is basically short but not cropped at the sides, with a little longer length on top. The faux hawk hairstyle is achieved by using wax or gel and styling the hair in an upward direction to resemble a toned-down Wolverine. Because who doesn’t want to look like Hugh Jackman, right? The style balances out the sharp angles of a square face, which is nice but shouldn’t make you look like a pretty boy.
Slicked-back side part:
Hairstyle with a slicked-back side part for men with a square face
This style softens the edges of especially rigid square-shaped faces, which can be handy. Ryan Gosling and Jude Law frequently use this style. Because of the movement and shine of the slicked-back hair, the focus is mainly on the hair and detracts attention from an overly square face without diminishing the macho element at all. Make sure you use a high-quality, wet-look gel to ace this look.
3. Oblong Face Shape
Oblong face shape
The oblong face has the greatest length in measurement, while the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are similar. This face shape is really a mix between an oval and a rectangle.
You should focus on choosing hairstyles that promote balance by adding length to the top and sides of the face to prevent it from appearing too long. Avoid going too short on the sides, which will inevitably elongate the face even more.
Side-parted hairstyle for men with an oblong face shape
The side part style is a good option, as long as you keep the sides a bit longer. Styling the bangs across the forehead with a side part is even better, as it "shortens" the forehead. Additionally, the side part avoids extra length on top of the style, which would also make the face look even longer. A bit of stubble beard also helps to "shorten" the face at the bottom.
Buzz cut:
Buzz cut for men with an oblong face shape
The buzz cut is good as long as it's really short all over. By going short on the sides and slightly longer on top, you'll be elongating the face. If you want to wear your hair a bit longer on top, try pairing it with a short stubble beard. This will fill out the face somewhat, adding definition and color-play, and detracting attention from the length of the face.
Fringe up:
Fringe up hairstyle for men with an oblong face
You can wear your hair fringe up, but you'll have to be careful not to elongate the oval face shape even further. Have the barber cut your hair in a style that leaves the sides a bit longer than the conventional "short on the sides and longer on top" haircut. When you style your hair, add a bit of dry-look wax to your sides, and ruffle the hair with your fingertips to make it look fuller and wider.
Side fringe:
Hairstyle with a side fringe for men with an oblong face
The side fringe style is probably the best choice for an oblong face shape. The diagonal bangs cover a large part of the forehead, making the face look shorter than it actually is. The fringe also detracts from the focus on the length of the face, as bangs tend to be a focal point of any hairstyle. Combine the side fringe with a short, trimmed beard to achieve the perfect look for an oblong face shape.
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