Variant Style for the Blunt Bob

Curly chin length bob
Curly hair styling idea for a blunt chin length bob.
You've finally gotten the classic haircut: the blunt bob. You love it. You wear it everywhere. All your friends say the length is perfect for you. But you have a big party coming up and you'd like something a little more "fun" for the event. Why not add some curls and some pizzazz to your style?
Here's what we did with our blunt bob cut.
Step one:
Shampoo and condition the hair as needed. Towel dry the hair and comb it to remove any tangles. Apply a generous amount of styling product. We used gel, but you can use any product you desire. Comb through one more time to distribute the product evenly on the hair.
How to style a curly bob
Step two:
Wrap the hair on rollers as desired. For our demo, we used the medium-sized rollers and followed an angular pattern on the top and sides of the head. Our goal was to simply add volume and curl without changing the general shape of the style.
Chin length bob hair wrapped on rollers
We could have used the large rollers for this style if our main goal had been simply to add volume. And had we wanted mostly curl, smaller rollers would have given us lots of them. But by choosing a roller that allowed the hair to wrap around it about 1.5 times, we get ample volume and curl on the ends of the hair.
Step three:
Dry the hair thoroughly, and preferably naturally, though you can use a hair dryer if necessary to save time. For our demo, we used a portable hooded dryer that is inexpensive and easily found at your local beauty supply (or department) store.
Once dry (if a heated dryer was used, allow the hair to cool), remove the rollers and with a wide-toothed comb, loosen the curls. As the styling product loosens, shift to finer-bristled brushes and brush the hair until the curls move freely. You can finish the style using a natural-bristled brush for a smoother finish, or stick with the wider bristled brush for more definition in the curls.
Curly chin length bob
You can also add some definition to the curls after brushing by applying a light mist of hairspray and gently scrunching the curls. We did this in our demonstration.
The result is a bouncy style with a lot of visual interest. Our manikin's hair had previously been highlighted and those highlights clearly add to the impact of the style. It's certainly a style suited to a special occasion and is easy enough to be worn when ever the mood strikes. The roller set is a durable style and will last until the next shampoo with proper care.
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