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Your Child and the Hairdresser (2)

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Many cities nowadays have salons that only work with children. The hairdressers that work here are specialized in dealing with possible fears and anxieties children may have for having their hair cut, and these persons are often even better equipped in dealing with "persistent refusers". In some of these salons the child may choose a movie that will be played, so the child is cut almost unnoticed while watching the movie. The child can sit in a chair of its choice, which can look like a racecar, a motor, a horse or other animal, a throne for a little princess, and if they want to they can watch the hairdresser working by holding a princesses mirror in their hands. They even can choose which cape they are going to wear. This cape can have several prints that are interesting for children.
Also the colours of the interior often are adapted to children. All this will be very stimulating for a child, with much more chance of a pleasant adventure. And when there is a positive connection between your toddler and the hairdresser, the child may not complain the next time a haircut is required, but instead be pleased to be able to visit this playground again. However, in spite of this all next time the attitude of your child can be totally different as well.
To avoid disappointments make sure to take note of the hour during the day your next visit with your child will take place. A child that often takes a nap in the afternoon will not be charmed if it has to go to the hairdresser at 15:00 hrs. Also an appointment that will take place around a time when your child usually has some sort of meal will not be appreciated. And of course an appointment in the hour when your child usually is more active will not be a success either. This will only add to the chance of a bad experience.
You can prepare your child to a visit to the hairdresser by taking it with you on an occasion when you are going for a haircut yourself, of course not during a long visit. Or just have a look and then make the appointment while you are there. Another good thing is to take a favorite drink and snack with you when you are visiting. Maybe your child disapproves of the drinks and snacks of the salon and then gets disappointed by viewing other children enjoying everything.
When you are looking for a good children´s hairdresser, don´t hesitate and ask around. Other parents might be able to advise you which hairdresser is especially good in working with children and who is giving good results on the cut as well. Do not be hesitant to pay a little more for a good experience instead of paying less for a good haircut with a hairdresser where your child simply does not feel at ease. When your child has good experiences with a certain hairdresser at a salon, stay there and keep making your appointments with this person, which will add to the secure feeling of your child and provide stability.
If still all goes wrong, don´t worry, there also are hairsdressers nowadays that make housecalls. Your child then will be treated in its own secure environment. When you search on the web for "children´s hairdresser" and then "housecall", you might be able to find one in your area.
When you notice a frightened and nervous attitude with your child, then comfort your child and guide it calmly though everything and explain out of a positive feeling and in understandeable words what is going to happen or is happening and how long it will last. But certainly do not do so if it is not called for, when your child is distracted and at ease while being cut, please do not interfere. Be patient and have a lot of understanding if everything does not work out as it should, but don´t be chary of compliments either when, even small, things go well to motivate the child. Haste and an irritated attitude of the parent will certainly not add to a secure feeling now or the next time a haircut is in order.
If everything went well, especially the first times, or did you find you child was very brave, then, of course, a small reward is in order, but do not grumble if this was not the case, it will only add to a negative feeling concerning hairdressing.
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