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Sixties Hairstyles (2)

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When the hair is extra long, you can fashion a large roll and secure around the twist with the pins. Take the sides and backcomb the same way, smooth out and turn the hair under making a roll as you place in back to lay on the twist or above and securing with pins. Backcomb the top, smooth into the direction that it has been rolled into, hopefully a wave. Lift with a rattail comb or a large hairpin for that height.
That is just one hairstyle that was so prominent during the 1960s and there are so many more. With the bubble, strong backcombing had to be done to get that rounded effect and then, some would use a comb, others a brush and still others would use a large hairpin to gently bring over each layer on top of each other lightly to keep the volume they made. Sometimes, the sides would be coming toward the face in c curls as a bow would be placed on the top of the head between the bangs and the side of the hair that went back. Other times, there would be one large c-curl on each side for a dramatic effect.
Beauty in the sixties Enter: Sonny and Cher. Once a week America would tune into watching Cher’s antic’s as she would extend laughable remarks toward her husband that would rally on the feminist movement. No doubt about it, the ultra super long haired look was in; and on the other side of the railroad tracks a movement formed to encourage the growth of hair and many were actually ironing it; literally on an ironing board. The hip huggers worn looked cute and only revealed the belly button. We sometimes tripped over our bell bottom jeans. Everyone headed to Woodstock to experiment in free love, try LSD, smoke pot and protest the Viet Nam war. By this time, President Kennedy had been assassinated and it was President Johnson who led the country into that worthless war.
The hippies were the ones who would be against the establishment and let everyone know exactly how they felt with their many protests. They marched against the war holding signs, wearing their peace symbols; and their angry voices were definitely heard. Yes, they wore their hair super long and parted in the middle. Scissors were taboo to these guys. Everything was natural about them, some lived in communes, other’s just seemed to float around. Although, in New York, they were in Greenwich Village with the artists and beatniks philosophizing together about world affairs while wearing their small round glasses, they were everywhere to be seen, in parks on the benches, on the lawns and always piled together in a Volkswagen bus that had different colored daisies painted all over it, proclaiming “Woodstock or bust“; after all, they were known as the flower children or flower generation. They made their own soap, candles and strung beads on hemp and worked on macramé and bought their clothes at second hand stores or Army Surplus stores and tied a scarf around their foreheads.
Materialism was out, and naturalism was in! Ah yes, I can remember those days. Was it possible to be a hairdresser in those flowery days and still retain your sanity? My answer: of course not. But then, no one was really sane. Everyone was casting their whims to the wind, not thinking about the many tomorrows which were sure to come. I wouldn’t trade it for all, and I mean all, for all the tea in China. Besides, tea can only go so far. Actually, so can China.
America was angry over the way the Vietnam veterans were treated when they started to come home. President Nixon soured the country through his lies and respectfully stepped down from office. President Ford took over a shameful and embarrassed nation. While all that was going on; the fashion kingdom did something outrageous, as the mini skirt literally rose up to fame, the world of hairdressing introduced, batman bangs, deliberate saw toothed bangs and short styles with asymmetrical sharp points and edges. While bras were being thrown away and burned publicly, in the feminist movement; those who were watching the trendy new looks, came into the salon to give these new hairstyles a whirl.
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