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Fifties Hairstyles (2)

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The 1950s dresses would fluff out as far as five to seven feet from their legs and accented their small waistlines, which of course was the whole idea. The more crinolines the merrier. Some would go to school with hoops under their crinolines and when they walked, there would be a giant swish and swagger as they sashayed down the halls, batting their eyes; their boyfriends pleaded with them to carry their books for them.
At the same time, the sweater look was in and girls wore sharp pointed brassieres, a dangerous weapon, if nothing else. They also wore straight tight skirts that fell below the knee that appeared to be more airbrushed on them then worn. Femininity was indeed, at it’s peak and many a girl learned how to use her coquettish wiles to benefit what she wanted in life as she dangled her charm bracelet on her cuff linked sleeve while combing her hair.
Susan Hayward New things were happening all of the time and before you could say Jack Robinson, everyone was putting peanuts in their coke bottles and enjoying their drink with a sweet and salty flavor. Who in the world, was this nut who started this craze? We may all go to the grave without ever knowing. Then, drag races were the latest thing and crowds of young people were going to see stock car racing on weekends. School mates were getting caught smoking in the bathroom at school and getting demerits while the other half would skip school entirely, just for kicks and to be able to say they did it, although when they did skip; most didn‘t know what to do with themselves.
Then, there were that small, proud and very popular group who bleached their own hair and lo and behold, had discovered Ivory Snow Flakes and peroxide. What genius brainsicko started this idea, is another one we’ll probably pass over without really knowing. That is right, they mixed up the laundry detergent with 20 volume peroxide and lightened their hair that way. As far as I know, none of it fell out.
The more in the know, sophisticated young people would go to the local drugstore and buy a good oil bleach, like Helena Rubinstein’s turn blonde, and depending on what shade your hair was in the beginning would be the outcome of your hair. For example, if your hair was a light brownish strawberry to begin with, your hair would turn out to be a lovely strawberry blonde, or orange! Orange was in, back then; but still looks better in the fields on pumpkins.
If your hair had the pixie cut, there wasn’t any problem with it being orange, because you would end up cutting it all off again anyway and because our brains usually do not mature into the aha stage until we are in our late forties or fifties, the youth usually ends up doing it all over again because the way they see it is; as a heavenly shade of blush carrot berry that can get any boys attention, and it really did!
Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Jane Russell, Susan Hayward, Elizabeth Taylor, Esther Williams and Ginger Rogers were all busy making movies and the girls of that time were all busy, together with their friends trying to look like just like them. If they wanted to look like Liz or Susan they would tint each others hair black or red at a pajama party.
Beauty marks were so in vogue. Everyone penciled in a fake mole. Of course, if you went to the drive-in movie and made out with your boyfriend, the mole sort of disappeared. No matter how hard you would look for it, you wouldn’t be able to find it. Now we know why the boy looked so puzzled, when he looked at you; when all the lights came on and everyone headed to the refreshment stand to get some popcorn. Not only was your lipstick smeared, part of your eyebrow gone, but your mole went the way too. Blame it all on your boyfriends sideburns that went all the way down to his chin.
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