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Infinite Variety

Davines Collection by Tim Hartley

The name of this dream collection says it all ... Infinite Variety. The hairstyles, inspired by the greatest fashions of the last century, are icons of style and yet take second place behind the visual blast of their colors. Intensity is the name of the game which includes a soft vanilla pastel blonde, hot punk pink, movie star red, luscious auburn and jet black.
The use of colors lets Andy Warhol and his famous Marilyn Monroe prints come to mind. Bauhaus style was another important muse that influenced shapes and colors to which Tim Hartley relates as "a fusion between geometry and the power of color."
  • 1920s haircut
  • Charleston era hairstyle
  • blonde bob with graduation along the back
  • bob for blonde hair
  • punkish pink bob
  • bob with curled sides
  • hair styled to stick out
  • red bob
  • black goth bob
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The base cut for all of the 9 variations is a short bob that became famous already in the 1920s. That in mind it is even more astonishing to observe the radical metamorphosis that a change of hair color and a different styling can achieve. The model, by the way, is the same in all photos.
From classic elegance to gothic chic all based on one style. And that is only the beginning of an endless journey in glamour!
Hairstyles: Tim Hartley for Davines
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