Infinite Variety

Davines Collection by Tim Hartley

Punk inspired hairstyles for women
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The name of this dream collection says it all... Infinite Variety. The hairstyles, inspired by the greatest fashions of the last century, are icons of style and yet take second place behind the visual blast of their colors. Intensity is the name of the game which includes a soft vanilla pastel blonde, hot punk pink, movie star red, luscious auburn and jet black.
The base cut for all of the nine variations is a short bob that became famous already in the 1920s. That in mind, it is even more astonishing to observe the radical metamorphosis that a change of hair color and a different styling can achieve. The model, by the way, is the same in all photos.
From classic elegance to gothic chic, all based on one style. And that is only the beginning of an endless journey in glamour!

Charleston Hairstyle

Short 1920s bob haircut that just covers the ears
Short bob for a Charleston era look
The 1920s flapper haircut is still alive and hardly changed in its modern version. The cheekbone-emphasizing bob, as short as can be to just cover the ear and create this intriguing silhouette, is an evergreen and the base to endless creative plays and stylings.
The geometry and purity of the first example is met by the clear character of its black color. This style does not compromise; it does not even try to please. It does not have to as it is the most iconic of them all. A new element is the graduated neck which leads to the fascinating dip in the rear shape.

Graduation Cut

Blonde bob with graduation along the back
Bob with twirled strands for blonde hair
Do blondes really have more fun? Try it out. At least here the blonde variation of the short bob has more movement and fun texture than the statuesque black option.
Making use of the graduation cut along the back and slightly on the sides, the first scenario takes the hair forward, reminding of futurist paintings of the last century that celebrated movement and speed. A more mellow effect is achieved with playful ringlets. Gently tousled, hand twirled strands along the sides with a smooth but effective side-wave in the fringe.

Pink Hair

Punkish bob with curls for pink hair
Pink hair color for a bob with curled sides
Pink hair is tricky but with the right make-up, styling and clothing it does not overwhelm. Instead, it can display an aura of punkish fairy-tale intrigue that makes one forget that it is not a natural color in hair.
In the first of the two examples, the hair was shaped to large curls that bring volume and break up the geometry of the bob. Casual elegance at its best and pushed to its limit by the hair color. The fringe remains untouched by all the action. The second variation features a playful pouf on top and gently curled sides.

Hair Feathered Up and Out

short bob with the hair styled to stick out
While the basic shape still peeks through, the classic bob has been feathered up and out. A good teasing underneath and strong styling products provide enough hold for the hair to stick out without loosing its sleek esprit.
A chestnut brown shimmers in varying rich tones of lighter and darker shades for the ultimate in dimension and gloss.

Glamorous Bob for Red Hair

glamorous bob for red hair
Go glamorous! Choose red! The bob now glistens in a deep, rich ruby red tone that has seduced legions since the beginning of time.
The sinful and luscious red hair color shows all its aspects with the different surfaces of the hairstyle from the sleek sides, the shadows in the waves and curves to the fluffy conundrum on top.

Gothic Fashion Bob

black bob styled for a goth look
Kitty ears or a diabolical twist? No matter how you call it, the two elements rising from the sides of the short bob in a fume-like dance take the classiness of the haircut to the world of gothic fashion style.
A sophisticated black has to be the hair color of choice for this variant. And, of course, do not forget the lipstick, as bright red as you can find it!
Hairstyles: Tim Hartley for Davines
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