Short Hair and Self-Confidence

More self-confidence with short hair
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Q: Is it true that short hair (as a girl or woman) gives you more self-confidence? Or would it be better to keep my hair long instead of cutting it?
A: Self-confidence comes from within, not from a certain haircut or hair length. Of course there are specific haircuts, hair colors and styling methods that will work towards attaining the particular look that you want to achieve, but may I suggest that you first realize that self-confidence is the single most important tool that any woman or girl must learn to develop and nourish before you concentrate on the outward appearances?
Alright, I’ll spare you the mommy pep-talk for now. But you asked for my opinion so here goes: If you are unsure enough about cutting your hair from long to short, to the extent of asking a hair-expert website about it, I don’t think you’re ready for the big snip. I’m going to go out on a limb guess that you are either still in school, or still very young and trying to “find yourself”.
The inverse of your question is true; women/girls with a lot of self-confidence tend to cut their hair short. Why? Because they really couldn’t care less about what other people think about their hairstyle, choice of fashion or anything else really. The thing with short hair on women/girls is that it is uncommon in the age group from 4 to 35 years of age. So, if you don’t mind not looking like the other girls, and not being able to throw your hair around like the cheerleaders do, it means that you have enough self-confidence to stand out from the crowd.
But here’s a cold dose of reality; most men prefer longer hair on women. Most women prefer longer hair on women. And I cannot think of one Miss America that had really short hair. If you find yourself thinking; ‘What the hell does narrow-minded men and beauty-queens have to do with how I want to cut my hair”, then yes, you’re probably a good candidate to chop off your locks. If you cringe at the idea of looking different from your peers, and standing out from the crowd in a way that not everyone will approve of, then Don’t do it.
You obviously take good care of yourself (hair, body, make-up), otherwise you wouldn’t be submitting questions on a beauty and fashion site. Thus, I believe you are already a beautiful girl on the outside. Do yourself a favor and start appreciating your stunning personality and character, which in turn will nurture and grow your self-confidence.
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