Clear Lines & Casual Inadequacy

Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks

Fashion hairstyles with clean cut lines
This collection from the Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks is all about fusing clean cut, clear lines with asymmetrical, contemporary elements to create hairstyles that surprise, excite and ignite your passion for fashion and style!
The stylists surpass even the most jaded style critics with this fresh and contemporary collection of surprisingly different yet complementary styles.
Whether you're looking for a subtle yet contemporary change or to blow yourself out of a style rut, this electrifying compilation will rock your world.

Sleek Sixties

Blonde A-line bob with long bangs
Medium-short bob with bangs
This hairstyle is the perfect combination of sleekness, impressive color, and a quirky cut. The model's hair has been cut into a medium-short, asymmetrical A-line bob. The hair along the face has been feathered with a razor to create a soft, feminine frame around her exquisite face.
The bangs are fairly long, straight, and thinned out. You will note how well the edges of the bangs are blended into the feathered sides of the style.
The colorist elected a delicate, light copper-blonde hue which is the perfect backdrop to show off all the lengths and angles of this haircut.

Natural Classy

Men's hairstyle with short bangs
Male haircut with a jagged fringe
Here, we have evidence that magic happens when traditionalism and naturalism come together. The absolute focal point of this hairstyle is the immaculately crafted fringe and overall front view.
The hairdresser created the impressive jagged-edged bangs by incorporating thinning shears and a stylist’s razor. The back and sides were cut very short and blended well with the longer top and fringe sections.
The model's naturally very straight hair, coupled with the rich red-brown color, makes this a style that will undoubtedly garner second and third looks, whether you're in the boardroom or at a club.

Clavicle Shag

Clavicle length shag hairstyle
Medium hairstyle with thinned out ends
This is a throwback style that is enjoying a season of impressive revival. The stylist chose the perfect model to showcase this clavicle-length shag with a very heavy and long fringe, as the model's strong bone structure carries this intense style very well.
The weight line of this hairstyle has been extensively thinned out, creating an almost "top-heavy" style where the bangs and top section look very thick and full, while the mid-lengths to ends are wispy and feathery.
The fiery light-copper red hair color works exceptionally well with this cut and the model’s complexion.

Glam Wave

Hipster hairstyle for men
Men's hipster style with finger waves
Oh, how retro-cool is this hairstyle? With the resurgence of beards and styled moustaches, it was only a matter of time before hipster styles for men like these made their way back into the limelight.
The model's hair is very short and neat at the sides, but much longer on top. The lengths are blended, but the gradient is very exaggerated. The hair on top has been styled into finger waves, and the tips of the finger waves have been curled into very tight curls.
The short, tidy back and sides coupled with the retro, wavy top provide a fabulous equilibrium between controlled structure and arty movement.

Modern Gentleman

Short back and sides haircut for men
Easy going haircut for men
Here is a perfect example of how the ordinary can be transformed into an extraordinary hairstyle by incorporating a jagged edge and impressive hair color.
The model’s back and sides have been cut very short with clean, natural lines. The top is much longer, although the top and bottom are connected; the increase in length is very steep. The stylist used thinning shears to make the transition in length more gradual and fluid.
Note how easily this haircut can be transformed from professional and structured to easy-going and social-ready with just the use of a bit of dry-look wax.

Geometric Lady

Pixie cut with feathery sections in front of the ears
Ash-blonde pixie cut
This is a remarkably refreshing take on the pixie cut. This Mary Quant-enthused cut draws focused inspiration from the use of thick, textured sides styled to the front, while the ears are fully visible.
The feathery sections in front of the ears are comparatively long and very wispy, which, together with the long, gradient-inspired fringe, gives this hairstyle a very feminine and artistic feel.
The very light ash-blonde base has been cooled down even further with thin, violet-blue lowlights in the front section.
The violet-blue lowlights will ultimately also help to keep the very ash tone of the hairstyle crisp and cool for the maximum period, as violet tones neutralize any warm or brassy tones that might try to sneak through after a while.

Punk Chic

Short haircut with a longer side section
Haircut with one longer side
This hairstyle is not for the faint of heart... yet this YOLO-inspired cut will effortlessly elevate your style status right up there with the fashion frontiers and top style bloggers of our time.
The stylist fused a relatively short and shaggy pixie cut with a much longer A-line bob. The asymmetrical outcome is simply dazzling. The fringe of the cut is long and thick, which perfectly balances the gradient between the shorter fringe and the longer side section.
The shorter lengths of the haircut have been styled comparatively straight and sleek, while the longer side section has been curled slightly and fluffed out for an artistic designer look. The very light, pastel-copper blonde hair color complements this inventive look perfectly.

Casual Rocker

Highlighted blonde hair for men
Short haircut for blonde men
Here, we are once again dazzled by a perfect example of how effortlessly a style can be transformed from one striking look to the next. The stylist of the model elected for a very short back and sides cut, with a much longer top section.
If you look closely, you will realize that this is exactly the same model and cut as in style number 5 of this collection, yet this photo looks worlds apart from those images.
The model’s naturally blonde hair has been highlighted with fine, light ash-blonde highlights. The irregular, jagged dip in the fringe is the key ingredient in this resourceful style, as the difference in length allows the stylist to transform the whole look of this hairstyle by simply styling the top section differently.


Medium length hairstyle with a side braid
Mid-length layered haircut
Wow, how impressive is it that a perfectly normal, everyday style can be transformed so completely and effortlessly by using brilliant color and inspired styling? The model's hair has been cut into a standard, mid-length, layered cut.
Yet, the colorist turned this whole look around by choosing to go with this fiery, light-copper blonde hair color. The bright, intense hues set the whole style ablaze, pushing the diva factor right into the danger zone.
The stylist played along perfectly, using disheveled, laid-back waves and a side braid for a tousled and inspired look.

Cool Guy

Cool haircut for guys
Guy's hairstyle with styled bangs
When you mix punk and corporate, the sparks will undoubtedly fly! Here, the stylist elected to take a perfectly structured short back and sides cut with a longer, textured top and make magic with it by using impressive styling skills. The model’s hair is naturally thick and glossy, which obviously helps a lot.
The styled bangs of this look are the unequivocal focal point of the cut, and the stylist utilizes this fact to its fullest potential by incorporating different style directions and a jagged-lined side part. Wisps of hair are styled to the front of the head.
The dry-look wax enables the fusion of all these tantalizing elements and directions, and the model's boundless attitude finishes the look off flawlessly.

British Rebel

Boy next door look for hair
Charming look for young men
Here, we have been half-blinded by the magnificence of a charming boy-next-door look, artfully spliced with elements of bad-boy enigma. The model's naturally dark brown hair has been styled with curling mousse to get that disheveled yet shiny and full look.
The top is much longer than the sides and back, with the bangs hanging over his thick, beautiful eyebrows. A long, thick fringe always encourages enigmatic-inspired elements of any style, as is beautifully showcased here.
The dark hair, stubble beard, and electric blue eyes make this style irresistible.


Pixie cut with Mohawk elements
Pixie cut with unconnected layers
This is a truly art-inspired hairstyle that will be at home in a glossy magazine as well as a contemporary commercial environment. The stylists decided to combine the usual elements of a pixie cut with the fundamentals of a Mohawk, and the result is nothing short of breathtaking.
The model's top, lower sides, and back are long and wispy, while the hair around the ears is short and very well-structured.
This creative, unconnected-layers approach is inspiring and electrifying, further intensified by the very light ash blonde base, infused with blue-violet lowlights in the fringe area.


Men's hair with a combination of white and gray
Hairstyles for older people
This is quickly becoming the "go-to look" of Hollywood and the world's fashion runways, and it's time for the rest of the world to wake up and take notice!
The man's hair is a natural combination of white and gray, which has a surprisingly youthful effect while still conveying a sense of maturity.
His straightforward medium-short cut has been wetted and combed into a backward side-part style using styling mousse and a thin-tooth comb. His stylishly and perfectly groomed beard lends a timeless, classic feel to the look.


Mature hairstyle
Modern bob with an undercut for older women
This is the perfect fusion of the best of both worlds! The lady’s naturally light-brown hair has been highlighted with very tightly-packed light ash-blonde highlights to attain this beautifully cool pearl-ash base color. The hair is cut into a short, layered A-line bob, with the tips of the hair falling in line with the line of her cheekbones.
The stylist elected to surprise us gloriously by incorporating an undercut in the side section of this comparatively mature style! The undercut elevates the entire style to a contemporary yet naturally mature level of its own. When you have been in the business long enough not to be surprised easily anymore, style gems like this are an immense treat. I love it!

Feminine Look

Hairstyle for a classically feminine look
If you are aiming for a dominant yet classically feminine look, this is perfect for you. The model's naturally light brown hair has been highlighted with light pearl blonde highlights, interspersed with darker honey blonde lowlights. The effect of this color fusion is a natural yet regal blonde that will complement virtually any complexion and eye color.
Note how the side-parted style has been combed back, which instantly makes her face look fresh and youthful. The medium-short, slight A-line bob is easily maintainable and effortlessly styled, making it perfect for busy women who demand to always look perfectly put together.
Hairstyles and Photos: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks