"Back to School" by Tchip

Back to school hair
Do you find yourself longing back to when doing your hair was fun and experimentative, instead of becoming a daily chore that you slog through before going to class or work? Have a look at these fresh and contemporary hairstyles by Tchip to help you win your enthusiasm and sense of adventure back.
No one ever said that your “Back to School” look had to be boring! Tchip experiments with intense colors, ombrés, curls and quiffs, and ultimately fuses the Back to School concept seamlessly with Hollywood Old-School charm.
You’re sure to find a look among these images that will turn the heads of your class mates or office colleagues. They say that change is as good as a holiday, so make a fresh start when you reinvent yourself by changing your hair into one of these amazingly chic styles.

Ombré Coloring for Red Hair

Ombré coloring technique for red hair
This is a beautiful and fresh retake of the ever-popular ombré hair coloring technique. Client demand for blonde ombre’s have been the predominant request for a long time, yet the tables are turning quickly. Fiery redheads and glamorous brunettes are also climbing aboard to have their tresses turned into subtle to flagrant ombrés.
The model’s roots are colored in a deeply rich, almost burgundy brunette base, which progressively changes to an intense red at the tips of the hair. The burgundy and intense red colors complement each other well, while also suiting the model’s pale complexion and dark, brooding eyes.
The long, straight hairstyle aesthetically elongates the model’s already slim face even further, intensifying the über-glamorous catwalk model look to perfection. The layered bangs have been blow dried in an outward fashion, preserving the convex curve that flirts at the hairline. This softens the face and keeps the predominantly straight character of the style from being too harsh.

Classic Style for Long Hair

Classic style for long hair
Long hairstyle inspired by the 70s
This is an especially favourite go-to style for stars with a more mature approach to fashion, without being frumpy or rigid in the least. Fashion muses such as Hailey Baldwin, Charlize Theron and Lauren Conrad often wear their meticulously styled and maintained tresses in some form or variation of this timeless classic style. The hairstyle exudes couture maturity found mostly in born-and-bred fashion elites.
The model’s hair is a very light summery blonde at the tips, while the roots reflects a very subtle champagne-colored undertone in order for her natural regrowth to blend better with the artificial color as it grows out. Her slightly layered tresses have been blow dried in a classic style that hints at the simple throw back elegance of the 70s. The tips of her hair have been blow-dried with an inwards curve, while the long side bangs shows off a convex curvature.

Female Version of the Mohawk Style

Female Mohawk hairstyle
This is a playfully female version of the Mohawk style that has been a Hollywood success since the popular 1939 movie “Drums along the Mohawk”. Couture heavy weights such as Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Demi Lovato are known to rock the long haired Mohawk everywhere they go, be it on the red carpet or while hitting the hottest clubs in town.
The hair on top of the model’s head has been back combed meticulously across the span of the forehead to the curve of the occipital bone. The back combed area has been combed and secured neatly into place with hidden bobby pins to form a well structured “bubble effect”, which gives the impression of added height and an elongated, slim face.
The simple summer blonde hair color showcases the creative style well, while her straightforward yet creative eye makeup further compliments the style. The overall look subtly reminds one of the venerated style of Amy Winehouse.

Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Hairstyle for fine hair
This is another subtle yet impressive variation of the hugely popular ombré hairstyle. The fact that the color fade technique is done so artfully subtly means that this color is one of the most easily maintained hair colors ever. The roots of the model’s hair are colored to match her natural hair color. This automatically means that there will be virtually no regrowth, in order to stretch time between trips to the salon to as much as six months in-between!
The model’s fine hair has a medium density, which makes it great for this layered and slightly thinned out at the tips style. The tips of the hair are colored to a light golden brown hue, which has a youthful and fresh effect on her pretty face. The hair is blow dried with a medium barrel blowdry brush in an outward fashion to capitalize on the movement of the layers. The simple make-up and high-collared blouse show off the style flawlessly.

Short Bob with Wispy Bangs

Short bob with wispy bangs
Here we have a stunningly creative style that seamlessly fuses solid, almost masculine elements with softer curves and sweet wisps. This is the epitome of what you’ll often see in upmarket salons of fashion forward cities such as Paris and New York. This short bob with wispy bangs is the product of straight forward styling, intense hair colors and ruthless control of styling techniques.
The short bob has been plunged into the spotlight once again, especially since none other than Taylor Swift herself has transformed her look with newly cropped tresses. The light copper red suits the model’s pale skin and emerald green eyes faultlessly, while the simplicity of the hair color creates a perfect backdrop to showcase the creative mastery of the cut.
Note how the pale pink of her make-up, lips and pretty blouse all complement the color and style of the hair, without detracting any attention from the haircut that is obviously intentioned to be the vocal point.

Short Asymmetrical Bob

Very short asymmetrical bob
This is the type of impeccable style that you will only find at the hands of seasoned and naturally talented stylists. The flawless yet playful use of angles, curves and wisps along the silhouette of the style as well as along the hairline, coupled with the immaculate pearly ash-blonde hair color testify to the mature yet chic traits of a true stylist connoisseur.
Note that the very short bob is slightly asymmetrical, with the hair tucked behind the ear being shorter than the wispily textured opposite side. Her bangs have been cut with a razor to achieve this level of creative aesthetic character, and follows playful curves along her forehead; ultimatley connecting the asymmetrical side beautifully.
This hairstyle works very well with women with oval and heart shaped faces and almost pixie like features. The style fits the model like a glove, complementing the soft line of her pretty face, striking eyes and full mouth.

Short Sides and Curls

Short sides and curls
No one ever said that creative cuts and curls only belong in the domain of female styles. Largely thanks to the influence of British celebrities, we’re seeing a huge influx of a great variety of very macho- to metropolitan-man and various Mohawk inspired cuts. The fact that these Mohawks are seriously versatile and cutting edge fashion means that its popularity has once again spread all over the globe like a wildfire.
This model’s hair has been colored to a medium golden brown. The hue shows off his beautiful complexion that can only be described as slightly tanned marble, while his classic Grecian features only add to the overall appeal. The very short sides have been blended masterfully to fuse with the longer top of the style. The model’s natural curl has been enhanced with a curling gel-spray to make the most of the natural structure of his full and thick hair.

Slicked Back Style for Men

Slicked back hairstyle for men
A surge of masculine yet impeccably styled old-school Hollywood style has recently recaptured the spotlight. Famous faces such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy and even Justin Bieber have embraced the neatly slicked back hairstyle without reservation, making it one of the most coveted looks of incredibly famous and humble mortals alike.
The model’s hair is cut relatively short on the sides and the back, while the top of the hairstyle is left considerably longer and fuller. A distinctive and straight-arrow parting carries the characteristic trait of the glamour of Hollywood’s hero’s-of-yesterday that was epitomized by greats such as Marlon Brando, James Dean and Paul Newman.
Note the impeccable neatness around the hairline and ears of the cut, together with the perfect fusion from the short sides and back to longer on top. The hair has been slicked back with a wet look gel to ensure exact neatness throughout a day or event.

Short and Neat Hairstyle

Short and neat hairstyle for men
Short back and sides with longer hair at the top has been a staple haircut for the men since the dawn of time. In ancient times, these were often trademark haircuts of ferocious and dangerous tribes of huntsmen and warriors. But in more modern times most gentlemen prefer short and neat styles that require very little time and effort to look good.
This model’s hair is colored to a golden, almost chestnut medium brown to complement his tanned complexion and dark eyebrows. The top is considerably longer than the sides and back, giving the cut a distinctively modern look. The hair on top has been blow-dried with a smoothing blow-dry lotion for an optimal silky and glossy look.
The hair has been back combed slightly for added height and structure, and combed neatly into place with a fine tooth comb, before being secured into place with a medium aerosol hairspray. This specific look has enjoyed a wholehearted revival among men on the catwalk as well as Hollywood’s red carpet and premieres.
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