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"Back to School" by Tchip

  • ombré red hair
  • classic long hairstyle
  • female mohawk style
  • style for fine hair
  • short bob
  • short asymmetrical bob
  • short sides and curls
  • slicked back style
  • neat and short hair
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Do you find yourself longing back to when doing your hair was fun and experimentative, instead of becoming a daily chore that you slog through before going to class or work? Have a look at these fresh and contemporary hairstyles by Tchip to help you win your enthusiasm and sense of adventure back.
No one ever said that your “Back to School” look had to be boring! Tchip experiments with intense colors, ombrés, curls and quiffs, and ultimately fuses the Back to School concept seamlessly with Hollywood Old-School charm.
You’re sure to find a look among these images that will turn the heads of your class mates or office colleagues. They say that change is as good as a holiday, so make a fresh start when you reinvent yourself by changing your hair into one of these amazingly chic styles.
Hairstyles: Tchip