Going Gray on Purpose

Young woman with artificial gray hair
Artificial gray hair - Photo: Bigstock
When I was approaching thirty, I found my first gray hair. To say that I had a panic attack is an understatement, even though I knew it came with the territory of getting older. In that past few years since that traumatic day, I have done spot checks when I have not had the chance to color my hair and I have come to find Della Reese gray patches. Finding those gray spots scares the living daylights out of me and I almost immediately run for the hair dye.
I do not know why hair color directly equals youth to me. It is as if I could be ninety, with a hunched over back and fifteen grandchildren, but as long as my hair is colored, everyone will still think that I am young. Maybe it is because I was raised in a generation where hair color spanned the spectrum and we were always experimenting with new shades like pinks and purples. It was this amazing form of expression and then it just became natural to cover our grays, if and when we got them. But I definitely had a lot of respect for the men and women who were brave enough to let their natural color come through.
To go naturally gray is one of the bravest and boldest moves anyone can do and it seems as though men get more credit and accolades for going that route than women do. Now, both men and women are jumping on the gray bandwagon, but it is not through nature’s doing but rather thanks to a stylist. Yes, people are going gray on purpose and spending hundreds of dollars to have their hair look twenty years older than they actually are. It could be because many celebrities have a way of rocking the gray look so phenomenally well.
Kelly Osbourne with gray hair
Kelly Osbourne - Photo: CarlaVanWagoner/Shutterstock
Dascha Polanco with gray hair
Dascha Polanco - Photo: Kobby Dagan/Shutterstock
Zayn Malik hair
Zayn Malik - Photo by PR Photos
Zosia Mamet with gray hair
Zosia Mamet - Photo: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock
We have become more conscious of this new color trend over the past few years. It actually really started to pop in 2010. Kelly Osbourne, known for her buzzed sides and lavender locks, originally rocked the gray for a long time. It is a look some call "granny hair." Along with her, pop star P!nk went gray as did Lady Gaga, Ellie Goulding, Hilary Duff, Zosia Mamet of “Girls” fame, Cara Delevingne, “Orange Is the New Black” star Dascha Polanco, Evan Rachel Wood, Zayn Malik, Justin Bieber, Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy, Tyler Oakley, Chris Brown, and Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon.
And that is just some of the celebs who have taken the leap to gray but still, a fairly long list, if you ask me. I love that it is compiled of both men and women.