University by Unali

Short hairstyles with unusual lines
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Unali puts the art in the hairstyles, and their collection is all about a sculptural effect. The blonde hairstyles come with amazing curls and in a color that reminds of Italian marble.
Brown styles are earthy and have the tones of precious woods like ebony and mahogany. Either monochromatic or with a bright splash of color, the short styles in this collection set themselves apart with their unusual and contemporary lines.
Volume is high, especially on the crown and in the back of it, which makes for a trendy retro touch. With this much wearable art to choose from, you can turn yourself into a walking exhibit of strong statements and show your refined sense for modern fashion.

Double Dipped

Short hair with fuchsia streaks
Fuchsia is a wonderful contrast to the ebony colored base color of the hair and it is used generously. Bright and brought streaks of the floral tone gleam intensely on the sleek short cut with its exciting lines.
The feathery bangs are flanked by a longer petal shape that ends up in a sharp point on the side of her face, just to be followed by another needle sharp design in front of the ear. This double peak lets everyone take at least one second look to take it all in. The back is shaped round and smooth with a little added volume on the back of the crown. A winner!

High Curls and Layered Sides

Short hairstyle with layered sides
What starts as a layered and almost modest short cut around the sides, rises up to a curly adventure on top of her head. But thick volume is not enough, the curls are also brushed forward for striking movement and a heavy contrast to the clipped texture below.
A long and beautiful curl grabs all of the attention in the fringe and brings the design to a glorious and sexy finish. Her hair color is a deep mahogany brown with slightly lighter accents around the lower perimeter.

Flying Fringe

Short hairstyle with a long fringe
Raise them up and let them fly! The long fringe with the jagged and bold texture in its tips is separated into about one inch wide strands, which are flattened and pulled out straight ahead. It does require a little skill and a lot of hairspray to do this at home.
The effect is simply stunning and breathes new life into the concept of bangs. The sides of the short hairstyle form a well-defined line and are directed downwards, but right about is contagious movement from the back to the front, following the direction of the fringe. Cool enough for you?

Playful Blonde Vixen Look

Short blonde hair with high volume curls
Short blonde hair with a sleek sharp fringe
The combination of a very sleek and laser sharp fringe with rolling, luscious curls is especially extravagant when it comes in such a blinding platinum blonde. This cool marble color is full of mystery and allure.
With the wild curls the style is very feminine and also playful. Short in the neck and cut with a forward elongated A-line it exudes quintessential elegance and finesse. Again it is the high volume on top that makes this one special.

Blast of Silver

Short haircut for silver hair
Modern short haircut for silver hair
Take a sleek, smoothly curved fringe and crown it with a bundle of large curls and you will make the world hold its breath. Seductive, refined and flawless for a cool and modern look, that expresses a sense for high style.
The edge of the spectacular bangs is curved just before the open ear, and the back is short and simple, to not take anything away from the intriguing design. The hair color is a monochromatic silver, strong and cool for a very sculptural effect.

Green Flash

Silver hair with a green accent color
When it comes to hair color, Unali goes all the way. Either the hue is pure and reduced to its essence, like the silver base color, or it comes in a bright and shocking splash of pigment. The strong emerald flash in the long part of the asymmetrical front steels the show, however her equally intense eye liner can keep up with the power of it.
The top of the short haircut shows an irregular part and much lift on the back roots for this amazing top volume.
Hair: Unali by C.P.A.
Make-up: Vanessa Ferrauto
Photography: Patrick Wild
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