Towel Dry Look Hair

Hair styling mousse
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Q: I am writing to ask about what product will keep the towel dry look. I love it when I get out of the shower, dry my hair off with a towel. It is still slightly damp and feels very light. The length of my hair is about 2-3 inches.
However, inevitably after 10-15 minutes it dries out and goes all dull and expands. How do I keep this towel dry look?

A: Your best bet is to use a styling product with a light hold and a very light formulation. For example, try a light misting of a spray gel, or use a styling mousse. These products (and most styling products) when applied to damp hair will dry and keep a wet look. However, this look will only last as long as the hair isn't touched once it is dry.
One thing you might try is to use the light styling product in combination with an anti-frizz serum, and/or a shine spray. The shine spray is light fruit oils that can make the hair shiny and smooth and look damp, even when it's dry, although it too will absorb and look dry after a while.
You could keep a small mist bottle of water with you and give your hair a few sprays when it starts to dry out, which will help to keep the look you want throughout the day.
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