Debbie Harry Hairstyles

Debbie Harry Debbie Harry sporting a dynamic bob hairstyle
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Rock and roll Debbie Harry was born on July 1, 1945 in Miami and earned her fame as the front woman of Blondie in the 70s and 80s.
When your hairstyle gets turned into a wig that bears your name, you know you have made it. Debbie Harry became known for her uncompromising style, as much as for her voice and music. Her edgy punky and post punk looks have made fashion and rock history.
Debbie's haircuts were wild, tousled, sexy messy and just full of life. Medium long shag hairstyles, deconstructed bobs, texture galore and all gleaming in various shades of bright blonde color.
One signature element was always a full, but textured fringe. Either sitting right at the eyebrows or a longer version styled to the side. Debbie has worn her look, a wild Marlene Dietrich style or you may call it a punky Marylin Monroe, for a long time with some variation and eventually she chopped her tresses to a short, uniform length for a sassy, spiky haircut in a natural silver-platinum tone.
Except for a couple of short stints in the world of redheads, Debbie was faithful to the color that gave her the legendary nickname.
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