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Hairstyle for a Shorter Woman

Q: I'm about 5'5, 175lbs, I have 3 kids at home and right now my hair outlook is not good. I have medium (little above my shoulders) brownish black hair, all cut one length hair style. I usually wear it in a ponytail. I'm looking for a short haircut that's manageable and not time consuming. My hair usually has a lot of volume and I was wondering if a long layered cut, a little past my chin (between my shoulders and chin) would be right for me. And also what products to use to make my hair not so voluminous, I like the straight hair look better than the hair all over the place look.
A: Not knowing the shape of your face, it's impossible for me to be 100% sure of the style that would be right for you. However, having said that, it does sound as though you have a good sense of balance about the style you need, at least in regard to body type and general proportions.
woman at a hair salon As a shorter woman, you must be careful not to wear a hairstyle that is too big for your build. An excess of volume on a shorter woman will cause your head to appear too large for your body. In some styles, it will also make you appear shorter.
You state that your hair usually has a lot of volume already. I must warn you that layers in a hairstyle generally add volume rather than take it away. With full-volume hair, layering the hair removes weight from the upper layers and allows them to curl more fully. If less volume is what you're after, you may find that layering your hair will be counter-productive.
What I recommend is trying a hair straightening process. You can have your stylist give you a thio-straightener (or do it yourself at home). A thio-straightener is a standard permanent wave without any wrapping or tools. Simply apply the waving solution to your hair and comb it through while it processes. Keep combing the hair gently as the processing continues to keep the hair straight, and only leave the solution on the hair half the normal processing time (depending on how wavy the hair is). Rinse the solution from the hair, carefully comb it smooth and apply the neutralizer and comb it through the hair as well.
You can further minimize volume by using shampoos and conditioners that specify their formulation for "smooth and sleek" styles. Many of the most common manufacturers now have products with this formulation, so you can choose whichever brand you prefer. You may also want to use a glazing serum or anti-frizz product to further smooth the hair. These products will also add weight to the hair, causing it to hang straighter.
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