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Long Hair for a Petite Woman

Q: I'm short ("5" feet) and I like long hair but it makes me look shorter. What should I do? I have an oval-shaped face. What hair style would look good on me?
A: It's very difficult to make suggestions for hairstyles without seeing the person in question and having a lot more information than is usually provided in questions like these. Nevertheless, there are some tips that can help you in making a decision.
Being a petite woman, you know firsthand that long hair can make you look shorter. Long hair draws the viewer's eye in a vertical line, which means that the viewer is suddenly paying attention to your height, rather than your hair.
However, "long hair" is a relative term. If a person's hair is 12 inches long, and she is 5'10", the hair will probably hang to a point at the top of her shoulders. Yet, if a woman who is 5 foot even has hair 12 inches long, her hair probably hangs down between her shoulder blades. You have to keep in mind that a flattering hairstyle is all about balance.
For you, at 5-foot tall, a hairstyle that falls to just above the shoulders will still look long, but won't make you appear shorter than you really are. Just as with everything else for a woman who is petite, you have to think of your hair length in shorter increments. Losing or gaining 3 inches of hair growth is a more significant change for you than it is for someone who is 10 inches taller.
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