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Haircuts for Short Women

Q: I'm a 22-year-old girl. I want to cut my hair but I’m scared it won’t look good because I'm short (152 cm) and I have a big oblong face with curly hair. I like short and medium haircuts, but I'm afraid that cutting my hair will make me look shorter. Please advise me.
A: With any individual, the key to finding a flattering look is remembering to keep the hairstyle in proportion to the head and body. Most short women understand this, and generally keep their looks in proportion to their frames.
Based on your descriptions, I would think you most likely to be flattered by a cut that falls to around the midpoint of your neck, with some layering to keep the bulk of your curly hair evenly distributed and prevent the “poofy” or pyramid effect.
Hairstyle with curls
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Just remember that the hair always be in balance with the face AND the body. If you have a larger face or head, you NEED a larger hairstyle to keep that balance. In some cases, the most flattering style isn’t the ideal, because the circumstances aren’t ideal.
When your build is petite, or you are generally short, having a hairstyle that is out of proportion simply makes you look shorter. In addition, be sure to keep your styles age-appropriate. When you have a petite individual with a more intricate or involved style, you can get the “dress-up” effect, where the person simply looks like a child playing dress-up. Conversely, an older petite woman should never try to go for intentionally “youthful” styling because it ends up appearing like a costume.
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