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A Long Face & Straight Hair

Q: I have a rather long face. I want to ask you which hair style I should wear to look better. Now, I'm having a long and straight hairstyle. Thanks a lot!
A: It's impossible for me to give you specific style suggestions without seeing a photograph of your face. However, generally speaking, a person with a long face needs a hairstyle that adds volume on the sides to create the illusion of a wider, more-oval face.
hair styled for a long face
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A lot of what you need to do is dependent on exactly how narrow your face is. If your face is extremely narrow, you might consider getting a blunt-cut hairstyle between chin and shoulder length, and getting a permanent wave to add curl, and therefore volume, to the sides. Another option would be to have a long-layered cut of similar length and rolling the hair in curlers for a full-volume hairstyle. The objective is to create the appearance of an oval face by widening the silhouette of the head.
If your face is only a little narrow, you may be able to get sufficient appearance of width by going with a chin-length A-line bob. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, an A-line bob has an angled line. It starts at chin-length in front and angles upward along the sides. This angled line draws the eye outward, creating the illusion of width. The angle needs to be shallow, not steep, as a steep line will only reinforce the length of your face.
It's possible that you may only need to adjust your hairstyle in simple ways, rather than a full change. If you have a long face due largely to a high forehead, adding bangs to your hairstyle will literally shorten your face by hiding a significant percentage of it. You might also consider blow-dry styling your hair to sweep the hair out at the sides, drawing the eye outward as well. Neither of these techniques requires altering the length of your hair, although if your hair very long, you may want to shorten it somewhat to prevent negating the attempts to widen the style.
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