Hairstyle for a Long Forehead, Large Nose & Small Mouth

Hairstyle for a large nose
Q: I have a long forehead and a large nose but a really small mouth. What haircut would suit me as I want to make my nose and forehead look smaller?
A: There are many factors to consider when choosing the right hairstyle for an individual. However, since there are certain suggestions concerning hairstyle elements that serve to cope with the feature issues you mention, I'll go over them. Just remember that I can't give you an absolute answer without knowing a lot more information.
Long foreheads are generally troublesome in that they cause the face to appear overly narrow, or top-heavy. When combined with a long nose, the effect is worsened. Large, long or wide foreheads are usually camouflaged by using a hairstyle that includes bangs of some sort to lessen the amount of the forehead that is visible as part of the face.
A large nose is handled a little differently. This facial issue usually requires a style that leaves enough of the face around it visible to balance the features. The hair may be styled away from the face on the sides to make the cheeks and sides of the face appear larger and more in sync with the size of the nose.
Another technique for masking large or unbalanced features is to use asymmetrical styling elements to draw focus away from the problematic features. Sharply angled cutting lines in the bangs, or higher and lower volume in the hair on different sides of the face can help to distract the viewer's eye away from areas you want to have appear less noticeable.
Finally, small mouths generally require that attention be focused in their direction, and brightly colored and glossy lip colors and finishes can help to widen and plump the appearance of the mouth.
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