Coarse Hair Hairstyle

Short bob hairstyle for thick hair
Q: What is the best hairstyle for very coarse, very thick hair in the short to medium category? Also, what products do you recommend to give coarse hair softness and shine? Thanks!
A: Once again, I have to remind our readers that it isn't possible to give specific style advice here based on such limited information.
What would be the best hairstyle for person "A" with "very coarse, very thick hair in the short to medium category" can be completely different for person "B" with "very coarse, very thick hair in the short to medium category", because you have to factor in things like body type, face shape, wave pattern and feature balance.
There are some hairstyles that feature a lot of volume (especially if the hair has natural curl/wave) which may mean that they are unsuited for some women. And, if the hair is very straight, some women may need a style that will add volume and wave to the hair to be flattering.
As for products to give coarse hair softness and shine, my first recommendation would be weekly deep conditioning treatments. Apply conditioner to your freshly washed hair, comb through, place under a plastic cap and heat with a blow-dryer, or hot towels for 20 minutes, then rinse with cool water.
The cool water helps to seal the cuticle layer, making the hair shinier, and sealing in the moisture of the conditioning to keep the hair soft. You might also want to try using a spray laminator or shine serum on your towel dried hair prior to drying or styling.
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