Haircut for Thick, Wavy & Frizzy Hair

Thick and wavy frizzy hair
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Q: I have thick, wavy and frizzy hair. It is around medium-long length. I was wondering if you could give me a suggestion on a haircut that I can still put up in a pony tail or bun, but one that works with frizzy hair.
I would really like straight hair, but it takes too long to straighten it every morning with a straightening iron and the gel or cream de-frizzer doesn't work on my hair. I would like to wear my hair down more often, but it gets to an "afro" shape if I do. I just need a simple haircut that looks good but is easy.

A: First of all, I hate to say this, but I don't have nearly enough information to enable me to make a suggestion on a hairstyle for you. Choosing the right hairstyle requires taking into account the shape of the face, body type and build, and the balance of the facial features as well as hair texture, wave pattern, condition, growth patterns, and density.
There are, however, suggestions I can make that are standard for wavy hair types. First is the fact that most wavy/curly hair types respond best to blunt cuts, or at most, very shallow layering - usually called beveling. The only problem usually found with this is that when the individual has very wavy or frizzed hair, the overall look becomes triangular.
I do have to admit to some concern over the amount of frizz you speak of. I hope that you are using a "smooth and sleek" formula shampoo and conditioner to help combat the frizz, as well as leave-in conditioner which should be applied before you blow-dry or heat style the hair in any way.
Hair usually appears frizzy as a result of either dryness, roughed up cuticle layer or ultra-curly/kinky wave pattern. The roughed up cuticle and dryness can be treated with a good shampoo/conditioner regimen plus weekly deep-moisturizing treatments.
The frizz caused by wave pattern is usually only treatable through straightening processes, either temporary straightening such as flat ironing, or via chemical services. You can find "temporary" straightening products that offer 6-12 week results and are generally very successful. Just be sure to read any and all directions to make sure your hair is compatible, especially if you have any color, highlighting or other chemical services already in place.
Another option is a thio-straightening process which can be performed in your salon and is generally similar in cost to a permanent wave. This offers a more permanent alteration of the wave pattern and will need to be retouched every 6-8 weeks.
You may also be a good candidate for thermal reconditioning - or Japanese hair straightening - which generally gives perfectly straight hair as a result, but can cost as much as $500-800 and up depending on the length of your hair. It's results last as long as 9-12 months but may need to be retouched before that time depending on the rate of growth.
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