Uniform Layer

Uniform layer haircut
Step by step guide on how to cut a short uniform layer hairstyle, from Steve Turner, myhairdressers.com
This is the Uniform Layer, a user-friendly versatile technique for any busy salon floor. Possibly the most essential technique in the book. Vary the lengths and you will have a winner every time.
Uniform layer haircut - Before
Before: Jamie before the haircut.
Uniform layer haircut - How to section the hair
Step 1: Take a horizontal section across the back from the occipital bone to behind the ear. Then a curved section from the crown to above the temple. These sections are created to break down the head shape and to facilitate accurate cutting angles. Apply suitable protective clothing.
Uniform layer haircut - Cut a square line
Step 2: Take a vertical section in the nape area and cut a square line parallel to the head shape. For more difficult hairlines, adjust the elevation level.
Uniform layer haircut - Take a horizontal section
Step 3: Next take a horizontal section which will act as a guide for the subsequent vertical sections.
Uniform layer haircut - Continue to the ear
Step 4: Next continue with vertical sections, using both the initial vertical section and the horizontal section as a guide. Continue to the ear.
Uniform layer haircut - Maintain weight around the perimeter
Step 5: Over-direct behind the ear to maintain weight around the perimeter.
Uniform layer haircut - Cross check the haircut
Step 6: Now cross check your work.
Uniform layer haircut - Cut the other side
Step 7: Now repeat this process on the other side.
Uniform layer haircut - Assess root movement
Step 8: Note that Steve checks his work both technically and visually, assessing root movement.
Uniform layer haircut - Work in the mid section
Step 9: Next work in the mid section.
Uniform layer haircut - Use the comb as a tool
Step 10: Work with a vertical section, using the first section as a guide to establish the internal length and guide. Visualize the internal shape and balance through the side, using the comb as a tool. Standing back from your work is essential to allow for assessment and balance.
Uniform layer haircut - Cut for movement in the crown
Step 11: Cut a square line to the head shape. The top part of the section will consequently be longer, allowing for the roundness of the head and movement in the crown.
Uniform layer haircut - Continue behind the ear
Step 12: Continue with vertical sections to behind the ear, using the previous section as a guide.
Uniform layer haircut - Cutting process
Step 13: Repeat the same process on the other side. The internal shape will be slightly curved.
Uniform layer haircut - Cut square to the head
Step 14: Next work with the side areas. Create a horizontal section, then take vertical sections which you elevate and cut square to the head. The horizontal section allows you to achieve correct elevation and over-directions.
Uniform layer haircut - Cut the opposite side
Step 15: Repeat this process on the other side.
Uniform layer haircut - Refine the outline shape
Step 16: Now refine the outline shape visually, using free hand techniques.
Uniform layer haircut - Bring down the top section
Step 17: Next bring down the top section and start with a vertical section, running from the front hairline through to the crown.
Uniform layer haircut - Cut a line following the head shape
Step 18: Using the crown as a guide, cut a rounded line following the head shape. As his sections run towards the front headline, Steve allows for length.
Uniform layer haircut - Create length in the front
Step 19: Using the previous section as a guide and pivoting the section in the crown, work horizontal sections towards the front hairline, over-directing back to create length in the front.
Uniform layer haircut - How to
Step 20: Repeat this process on the second side.
Uniform layer haircut - refine the internal shape
Step 21: Refine the internal shape with a pointing technique.
Short haircut with uniform layers
Finish: Steve has created a uniform layer, a user-friendly versatile technique for any busy salon floor.
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