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Short Graduation

Step by step guide on how to cut a modern haircut with the short graduation technique from Stacey Broughton,
short graduation haircutting technique

Here we re-visit the Short Graduation - a versatile foundation technique with a basic but modern shape, requiring strong discipline and a methodical insight towards simplicity.
Imina before the cut.
short  graduation - before the haircut short graduation - step 1
Step 1
Take a section from the top of the ear to above the occipital bone. Then take a section from above the temples in a Vshape, running to a point on the previous section. This sectioning allows you to break down the haircut into manageable parts, which can then be easily blended.
Step 2
Start with a centre section in the back, from the crown to the nape. Pull the hair out and slightly down, with the fingers angled towards the nape.
short graduation - step 2 short graduation - step 3
Step 3
Next check the line for accuracy as this first section provides balance for the entire shape.
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