Short Wavey Wedge How To

Short wavey wedge haircut
Step by step guide on how to cut a short wavey wedge from Stacey Broughton,
Of fundamental importance here, we have graduation in its purist form. This work is rich in technique, a modern shape referencing the firefly. Mastering this technique will teach essential discipline.
Short wavey wedge - Before the haircut
Before: Lauren before the cut and colour.
Short wavey wedge - How to section the hair
Step 1: Create a top section that runs equally from both temple areas along the contour of the head into a point on top of the occipital bone. This is then divided into two parts. Create a triangle in the back.
Short wavey wedge - Create a rectangle
Step 2: Create a rectangle in the front. Two sections are created in order to accommodate the angle of the head and allow for more accurate over-direction.
Short wavey wedge - Leave out the first section
Step 3: Leave out the first section that is taken just in front of the ear. Leaving out this section will allow you to add strength to the shape at a later stage.
Short wavey wedge - Cut front sections
Step 4: Next, take horizontal sections working up the head, pulling the sections down. The first section is slightly elevated to initiate the internal graduation. Subsequent sections are elevated a fraction and overdirected downwards.
These front sections are only cut to a dividing line central to the ear. This helps place the positioning of graduation throughout the side areas and establishes your guide.
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