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The Townhouse

Step by step guide on how to cut hair with the three-tier layering technique from Lee Stafford,
three tier layering technique

"The Townhouse" is a three-tier clever but simple layering technique that could easily be mistaken for graduation - an absolute proven salon winner. Alter the lengths for a multitude of different looks.
Lauren before the cut.
three-tier layering technique - before the haircut three-tier layering - step 1
Step 1
The top is sectioned off into a classic horse shoe running from a recession, with the recession running through to a curve underneath the crown.
Step 2
The middle section is sectioned off from the top of the ear either side running through the occipital bone. This gives you three sections, for the three tiers.
three-tier layering - step 2 three-tier layering - step 3
Step 3
Start with a vertical section in the back bottom panel. Pull this section square to the head and cut a flat line.
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