Short Graduated Shape with Disconnection

Short graduated hair with disconnection
Step by step guide on how to cut a short graduated shape haircut with disconnection from Stacey Broughton,
A beautifully balanced sleek graduated classic shape with disconnected areas. A haircut full of technique and discipline which is a basic fundamental skill needed in today's hairdressing. This is a modern day take on a classic, bringing old school purism into a loose and fast world.
Haircut with disconnection - Before
Before: Lauren before the cut.
Haircut with disconnection - How to start cutting
Step 1: Start by sectioning a small disconnected area in front of the ear.
Haircut with disconnection - Cut the front side panel
Step 2: Begin with the front side panel. Take a horizontal section and, using elevation and tension, cut a square line.
Haircut with disconnection - Refine the cut section
Step 3: Next, refine this initial section.
Haircut with disconnection - Cut with elevation and over-direction
Step 4: Taking parallel sections, continue this process to the parting using the previous section as a guide. Elevate and over-direct downwards.
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